Heads and Arses

There was an email making the rounds in Ottawa this week.  It was written by an assistant to a federal Conservative Member of Parliament.  I don’t know the assistant’s name, or which MP he (or she) works for, but it doesn’t really matter.  The note was sent around to all the other assistants in Conservative MP’s offices.  It was a simple request, really:

Good afternoon everyone,
I am wondering if someone might be aware of an issue with the Canadian Human Rights Commission???  I have received a few emails from constituents complaining about the HRC and I don’t know whether this is just a blanket complaint or whether HRC was recently in the news….?
Can anyone help me shed some light on what this issue might be about???
Thanks so much for your help!

I was absolutely stunned when I saw this email.  I had always assumed that people who worked for – and advised – MP’s would be “up to speed” on issues of national importance, and in my mind there are few things more important in Canada today than the threats the various human rights commissions pose to free speech rights.  But the email also illustrates what I’ve long suspected. 

While the Internet is becoming a very interesting place for people of like mind to share information, it is also keeping various parts of our society from truly talking to one another.  Conservatives, Christians, libertarians, and other free speech advocates can write insightul blog entries till the cows come home.  And through the technology of trackbacks and “links” we can be inspired by each other’s brilliant posts for days on end.  We can even email the stuff we really like to our friends.  But in the end, we’re operating in a closed circle. We’ve created an online ghetto, and all the rhetorical and polemic brilliance in the world ends up being nothing more than “preaching to the choir.”  (NoApologies.ca)

Nah. It’s more the case that our politicians (and their political groupies), in particular, the so-called conservative ones, have their collective heads up their arses.  It only goes to show how these people are so far removed from what’s going down on the ground that it is starting to threaten the very fabric and foundation of all our western institutions. What politicians today are most concerned about is their image and blowing with the wind.  This explains why our country is in such a mess right now. We need to dump these fools and put authentic democrats who know how to use the internet in their place.  These Luddites. Just. Have. To. Go.

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