Has the Archdiocese of Ottawa Pulled Their Support for Gregory Baum’s Talk?

As Socon or Bust readers know, excommunicated priest and theologian, Gregory Baum, will be giving the keynote address at an event called ‘Vatican II in Canada’ on October 15-16 at Saint Paul’s University here in Ottawa.  LifeSiteNews had originally reported that this event was being promoted on the Archdiocese of Ottawa’s website.  But when I visit the Archdiocese’s website, I see no mention of that now.  Has the Archdiocese pulled the promotion of this event?  Or have I just missed seeing it on their website? 

And more importantly, if the notice has been yanked from their website, does that mean the Archdiocese is no longer endorsing the event?

It sure looks like it.

Shine the light, folks. And the darkness scatters.

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