Harper’s Statement on Saint Br. André

Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on Saint André of Montreal

October 30, 2010

Prime Minister Stephen Harper made the following statement today at a reception honouring the canonization of Saint André of Montreal:

“Your Eminence, Cardinal Turcotte, Archbishop of Montreal; Father Grou, Rector of St. Joseph’s Oratory; Your Honour, Mr Duchesne, Lieutenant Governor of Quebec; Premier Charest; Your Worship Mayor Tremblay; Mr Circé of Les Caisses Desjardins, and Mr Savoie of the Knights of Columbus, Ladies and gentlemen.

“First of all, I want to thank Your Eminence for inviting me to take part in this wonderful celebration today. I was truly impressed by the mass honouring Saint André of Montreal, attended by over 50,000 people, including thousands of young people, which would make many rock bands very jealous.

“Saint André Bessette would no doubt be a little uncomfortable with all this attention. But it is well deserved. This great Eucharistic celebration showcases Canadians’ attachment, here in Quebec and throughout the country, to this man of unshakeable faith who devoted his life to the sick and the homeless.

“Saint André from Montreal is revered, not only across our country, but around the world. Pilgrims travel thousands of kilometres to visit, what many would consider one of his biggest accomplishments, the erection of the magnificent St. Joseph’s Oratory, which I visited this morning.

“The lengthy construction of St. Joseph’s Oratory, one of the most visited sites in Canada, symbolizes Saint André’s devotion to St. Joseph, and is eloquent testimony to his unwavering determination. I note that in his youth, he had to leave his family to go earn his living in New England. But his destiny was to be quite different. After the birth of Confederation in 1867, he chose to come back home to Canada, to Quebec, here in Montreal. And that was when he decided to consecrate his life to God. His return to his home province marked the beginning of a long chapter in his life, which was to be forever engraved in the history of the Roman Catholic Church.

“Possessed of a simple faith in the power of God to do far more than men or women ask or imagine, Brother André has become an icon.

“Brother André was orphaned at the tender age of 12. He could barely read or write. But through his faith in God, he managed to accomplish great things. For some, his life is an example of how faith can move mountains. For others, he is a source of great inspiration. And for all of us, he is a great man, a great Quebecer, a great Canadian.

“Thank you.”

8 thoughts on “Harper’s Statement on Saint Br. André

  1. I would like to hear Harper walk the talk on abortion and stop funding the pro-abortion SOW, who then fund Pro-abortion female politicians into office, with taxpayer millions. These pro- abortion man hating Sows also teach Canadian young women their ways in our University Women’s Study classes. They try to brainwash our young women in these classes with books like Betty Friedan’s , The Feminine Mystique, and Susan F.s Backlash.
    Very few men take these classes , but I did. Tom Landers helped me with my presentation to this class of young women. Dr. Drysdale the professor of the class told me if I went ahead with my presentation her young women would crucify me. The gist of my presentation was how men and women ought to be taught to compliment one another, instead being taught they are like two different species, and war against one another. I got a standing ovation by these young women, because no one teaches our young people to compliment one another. Why are we letting our young women be brainwashed by SOW? Stop funding them Harper they detest ” pro-life” Social Conservative women, and don’t want any of them elected to office.

  2. Because science and technology now proves, that unborn babies are living and growing human beings, the abortion debate ought to be reopened.
    The Character of our society depends on this.

  3. Harper walk the talk on abortion?

    Harper has stated consistently that his governemnt would not only NOT promote measures attempted to protect the lives of the unborn, but that they would stand in the way of any such attempt.

    He’s kept his word. And he still seems to fool a good number of people who do want legal protection for the unborn.

    Having said that, I think Harper’s comments on Br. Andre are appropriate, and I’m not sure why this post identifying them would motivate the criticisms of someone like Garry.

  4. Let’s give Harper credit for his participation and remarks yesterday.
    He must also get credit for his initiative and perseverance on the maternal health overseas project.

    He’s getting bad advice on the abortion issue. The conventional wisdom is that abortion is the third rail of political issues – he who touches it is dead. This wisdom has to be challenged until we approach a situation where he who doesn’t overturn the present lawlessness is dead.

  5. Kelly, Harper’s comments on Br. Andre are appropriate , but if any Prime Minister or MP, opposes Roxanne’s Law, a Bill before Parliament proposed by Conservative MP Rod Bruinooge , then we in good conscience cannot vote for anyone who is in favor of killing children in the womb. This Bill, Roxanne’s law, seeks to save women from being coerced into having abortions. We have informed our MP’s to Pass this Bill and make it law in Canada. We will see how they vote. Social Conservative sites, and the Federal Government site show how MP’s vote on Bills. This informs us who we ought to help, support and elect.

  6. Garry, what does that have to do with Harper`s comments on Br. Andre?

    Your comment cites the need for Harper to walk the talk on abortion, and I’m telling you he has. His talk is objectionble, and his walk on this matter reflects this.

    But that has nothing at all to do with Br. Andre.

  7. Kelly of coarse it has, Br. Andre is a pro-life Saint. As Canada’s Prime Minister, I would like Harper to have the guts to try to end the killing of children in the womb in Canada. He is starting to sound like the liberal minded Prime Ministers. Stockwell Day was a better leader, and more pro-life MP’s are in the Federal Conservative Party than all the other Federal Parties combined, according to how they vote on Bills in Parliament. Harper has voted well on Bills in Parliament in the past.
    Like Dave suggests if he keeps this up he ought to be toast.
    Kelly We may be on the same side here.

  8. In other words if Harper keeps up his pro-abortion talk, he himself and his pro-abortion SOW friends in office ought to be voted out. By being pro-abortion, they are not living up to the good works of Br. Andre.

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