Harper’s last chance

My good friend, Leonard, has the goods on the next pro-life battle to save at least some unborn children.  I wonder if Harper will break out the muzzles again. If he does, I think it will be, for many pro-lifers, the last straw.

The numbers have been on our side for years and therefore Harper doesn’t have an excuse, unless, of course, he has an ideological preference for fetal dismemberment and destruction.

One thought on “Harper’s last chance

  1. Harper does us more good in office than out. He, like the rest of us, is up against the following:

    Liberals promise personal liberties and freedoms without any responsibilities.

    Typical selfish simpletons flock to this vision like kids to a free candy store.

    Conservatives promise strength and stability in society by basing most future decisions on past successes.

    What does this wisdom offer a selfish simpleton? What kids want to hear that unlimited free candy isn’t good for them?

    Like a friend of mine said last week, “nobody cares about the truth”.

    I’m afraid of the truth of his statement.

    The question is, how do we get people to realize that it is in their best interest to care about the truth? The answer used to be religion.

    Until that time, selfish people of all walks of life will, lie, cheat and steal to improve their immediate situation and Liberals will benefit in the polls.

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