Harper, the Unfortunate Human Trafficker

If you look at great leaders in history, they are not considered great because of their economic tricks which they championed.  On the contrary, they are considered heroes or despots because of their view of the human person.  Abraham Lincoln opposed slavery. People remember him for that, not the rest of his politics.  Hitler hated the Jews, even though he was a cracker-jack at pulling Germany out of the economic dumps.  Nobody gives him much credit for the latter.  Likewise with Reagan and Thatcher.  They might have been great leaders on the economy, but they will be remembered for their fight against the Communists not on growing the economy or putting the boots to the Unions. 

The big dig against Stalin was the tens of  millions of people he wiped out, not that he wanted to centrally plan the economy.  Svend in Sweden wants to do that too, but nobody gives him the time of day.  William Wilberforce, the great Christian British politician, is hailed as the great champion of eradicating the slave trade in the British Empire.  Nobody remembers too much about his views on land reform at that time in Great Britain, do they?

And what about Harper’s legacy?  It’s a legacy of continually saying “no” to the human person and the human dignity of the unborn, even when – as we will see once again this May 10 – 15,000+ Canadian citizens gather outside his window every year on Parliament Hill in the largest annual political rally in Canadian history.  And, what is even worse than that, Harper keeps saying “no” to the democratically elected MPs who want a vote to change things.

That’s a double whammy for him which puts him in very uncomfortable company.  Human-exploiter-for-political-gain and thug.  An exclusive club, indeed, but is it a club that even a nominal Christian like Harper wants to belong to?

Mr. Harper, think for a moment how history will judge you.  It won’t be on economic policy, the Constitution, your foreign policy, or your abilities as a politician.  These things will hardly even be remembered by future generations. You will be remembered as the Prime Minister who was on the wrong side of history on both human life and basic political liberty, just like the disagreeable gentlemen above have been remembered.   Why?  Because you’re doing the same thing they did – to helpless human beings and to the freedom you deny to your own colleagues who want to change things.

When history renders its judgement, there is no “do over”. Your legacy is frozen in time, forever. There is no pass for being a man of this age, either.  Nobody gives the thugs of yesterday that pass, and future generations won’t give you that pass in assessing the murderous legacy that you keep endorsing and protecting.  There’s no “relative judgement according to the times”.  History judges on absolutes, Steve.  That’s why it’s important to have your absolutes straight and know what they are because that’s the standard on which you will be judged, Mr. Harper.   On inconsequential matters, you are very far indeed from your ideological opponents in the House of Commons, but in what really matters, Steve, you’re the same man as Trudeau, Turner, Clark, Mulrooney, or Chretien.  You all sell out human dignity and authentic freedom to seek and retain power.

You’re all human traffickers, in the end.

For the others, it’s too late, but for you, Mr. Harper, you can change course and avoid a very negative judgement both in this life and perhaps in the next.  Have the courage to stand for the truth, or at the very least, to stand for freedom.

3 thoughts on “Harper, the Unfortunate Human Trafficker

  1. I would like to tell Mr. Harper that if he was not in the womb first he would not be Prime Minister today. If this country does not get on the right track he may also be put out to pasture very soon and no one will care, not even his family. Of course, there may be no such thing as a family anymore.

  2. The Nazi Government and Supreme Court passed over 400 laws legalizing their evil. After The Second World War, The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal indicted ten Nazi Leaders for encouraging and compelling abortion, ” a crime against humanity.” At the Trials the Nazi’s said we did nothing wrong, we did not break the law. Technically they were right but that did not save them. Does their excuse sound familiar Democratic Canadian citizens? Sitting on benches and listening to Sophists is not enough. In a democracy like ours the citizens have to organize politically, and vote responsibly. The Laws we and Canadian schoolchildren have to live by decree , and imposition are passed by Bills into laws by our Legislatures and Parliament. Don’t you see what you have allowed to happen to the character of democratic Canada since 1962? In the guise of separation of Church and State in Government, Law and Education you have allowed ,The Rule Of Secular Pagan Law, in Government, Law and Education with the consequences and precedents this sets. In a democracy, Christianity is not being pew potatoes and doing nothing politically. In The New Testament Church refers to party’s of Christians and not buildings. The First century Church kept our Western Civilization improving slowly until 1962. Look at the evil consequences and precedents set so very quickly since then by The Rule Of Secular Pagan Law. In our democracy what hinders the majority of you pew potato’s? The paid Sophists can’t save our democracy or they would have. It is again up to the citizens. Our God gave us the freedom of volition to act according to his will or our own. The consequences of rotten laws in our democracy are in the hands of the freewill voting citizens. The buck stops with you. What do you want to be Nicolaitans or Christians?

    Here are Hitlers words and worldview over one of the gas ovens in Auschwitz, ” I want to raise a generation of young people devoid of a conscience, imperious, relentless and cruel.”

    Through teaching schoolchildren Kinsey Sex Education ” love without meaning”, and Abortion ” murder without guilt,” Hitlers worldview is indoctrinated into children from Kindergarten today in Western Democracies like Canada. What kind of voting citizens would allow this? What kind of people would allow The Ten Commandments and Christian ethic to be taken out of Government, Education and Law and replaced with the tenets of Politically Correct Relativism by decree, and enforcement. I call this atheism by establishment. Has Politically Correct Relativism by establishment made objective thinking obsolete in the minds of the majority, through Government,Law and Education? What effect is this indoctrination having on Canadian children and our society? What have you become? In a democracy like ours the people can organize politically and get Parliament to pass righteous Bills into Law instead of evil ones. We did this in 2008 when The Supreme Court Of Canada and Parliament in 2005 ruled consenting 14 year old’s to be considered as adults. Sexual Predator’s loved this and legally sexually exploited Canadian Children ” by right”, until we organized politically across Canada and got Parliament to pass a Bill into law to raise the age of sex consent in 2008. This is what democracy in action is. I hope our people come to their senses politically to keep Canadian politicians from passing evil Bills into corrupt laws,that everyone has to live “by right”. William Wilberforce spent over 40 years in Parliament to abolish slavery. Abraham Lincoln also used Genesis 1:27 to convince the majority of so called Christian pew potato’s to behave like real Christians instead of masqueraders.

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