Harper stumbled on a new truth: pro-life is not political suicide and may even be a winner

Surprisingly, the push for abortion coverage in maternal health care was a dud at the G20, despite the shreaks of the end of the world coming from the pro-abort press.  It fell flat – big time. Check this little snippet out:

“The various G8 countries did not seem to be obsessed with maternal health, in general, and with the question of abortion, in particular,” wrote Helene Buzzetti of Le Devoir.  “For example, when asked, the Japanese delegates could not say whether they would agree to have their moneys used to finance abortion abroad.”

As I said earlier, the time to push for the pro-life position is now.  The world did not end when Harper said “no” to abortion.  Before anything else, this was a huge psychological victory for the pro-life side. It shows you can reject abortion without any political consequences.  This is what I wrote after the March for Life…and it’s still true….

…The fact is that opposing abortion in Canada is no longer a losing proposition for politicians.  Just today, EKOS’s latest poll showed the Conservatives have significantly increased their popular support across the country to 33.6%.  And that is after the maternal health care-abortion drama was inflicted on the country. It turns out that – EUREKA! – the Conservatives did not lose any support. In fact, their recent discovery of a backbone on this question did just the opposite, and I’m sure it surprised even them.  This is a  huge political break for the pro-life movement because it shatters the myth that Conservatives can only be hurt by supporting pro-life laws.  In fact, socially liberal politicians are not the hottest commodity today in Canada.  They are a liability.  In fact, the political dinosaurs of yesteryear are running away when they’re confronted by the younger generation…The reality is that abortion is yesterday’s “solution” to pregnant women.   Today, the kids want real choices for unintended pregnancies – ones that provide support, encouragement, love, understanding, and tangible help.   Not the murder of innocent babies and a lifetime of suicidal thoughts and ruined lives.  And while the opposition is shrill, angry, and increasingly frustrated as their political capital keeps getting eroded away year after year as pro-lifers begin to win political victories, they show their paranoia in the things they say, making themselves appear more out of touch with the mainstream.  In fact, as I marched down the streets, the expressions on people’s faces were a little different this year.   More and more of the public is on our side.  But even of the non-supportive public, things are changing indeed.  We used to get angry or blank stares.  Today, the expressions are much more reflective and deliberating.  Even the pro-abort protestors seem somewhat more shaken in their opposition.  It looks like they are starting to believe that we are moving into the mainstream and they are moving out. And when those reactions start to happen en masse, folks, you can call for the Fat Lady and cue her because it won’t be long before she sings. (Source)

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