Harper pressures MPs to vote against motion on when life begins

OTTAWA – Conservative MPs are under intense pressure from  the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to vote against a Tory MP’s non-binding   motion that calls on Parliament to study when human life begins. 

Tory sources say Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants southern Ontario MP   Stephen Woodworth’s motion eliminated before Parliament rises for the summer   in late June.

“The PM himself wants this vote beaten down,” one source tells QMI   Agency.

The PMO is said to be telling MPs that voting in favour of Woodworth’s   motion would be like forcing Harper to break his promise not to “reopen the   debate on abortion.”

Tories who side with Harper are said to be putting the screws to their colleagues by telling them that a vote in favour of Motion 312 is a vote   against Harper’s leadership.

However, the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada is trying to counter   that pressure.

“When all that is at stake is a discussion, then I believe to say no to the   discussion is to say we will not have free speech on this issue,” said   spokeswoman Andrea Mrozek.

Meantime, the group 4MY Canada has an online postcard campaign promising   support to Tory MPs who favour Woodworth’s motion when they face nomination   contests before the next federal election.

The motion calls for a Parliamentary committee to consult scientists,   ethicists and others about the validity of the 400-year-old definition of   human being that states someone becomes human only at the moment of full   birth.

MPs debate the motion on Thursday and vote on it next  Wednesday. (Source)

Harper has made his political career by throwing the unborn under the bus. He did at the Convention in Montreal in 2005 (I was there I heard it from his lips).  And he has done it with the Canadian electorate (he thinks) to get elected.  In his mind, abortion is his meal ticket to attain and retain power.

History will not look favourably on Stephen Harper.

One thought on “Harper pressures MPs to vote against motion on when life begins

  1. Harper and his hand picked Cabinet are morally no different from the Liberals or the N.D.P. The so-called Conservative House is divided. On one side you have Harper and his Cabinet, and on the other you have the majority of Conservative MP’s. This makes Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Cabinet one of the worst two faced Prime Ministers and Cabinets Canada ever had. There was a very good reason The Canadian Reform and The Canadian Alliance came into being.

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