One thought on “Harper government axes funding for 11 women’s groups

  1. Regarding the funding entitlement demanded by so-called “women`s groups” (read feminist ideologues):

    It is long past time to stop taxpayer funding of NGOs.
    If they are in tune with Canadian [and ordinary human] values, people will fund these causes themselves, if they aren’t then people shouldn’t be forced by their government to pay for them. All the politically active groups that I support have purposely accepted NO FEDERAL FUNDING for years. That’s because they are funded by enough Canadians to survive on their own.

    The main time we hear from them is when their unconditional subventions are questioned ! Many are make-work projects for leftist radicals.

    The cry-baby, freeloaders who can’t find enough members to pay for their luxury conventions, trips & offices up to now have operated at at our expense for causes we do not necessarily support, ought to close up shop !


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