Harper gives Socons some hope

According to today’s Globe & Mail, Stephen Harper has appointed Ontario Justice David Brown to the Ontario Superiour Court bench in the Toronto region. Judging by Justice Brown’s past assistance to social conservative and Christian groups in defending the traditionl family and the dignity of the human person, this is indeed is a welcome move from the Prime Minister.

In the past, Prime Minister Harper had demonstrated poor judgement in stifling debate on abortion within his own Party, and, in fact, promised the Canadian public that he would not allow abortion legislation to see the light of day. This action and many others had led many social conservatives, including yours truly, to question whether the Prime Minister was taking our support for granted.

But this latest move will help give social conservatives some real hope that he will appoint judges and other influential persons who reflect positions consistent with the common good of our society at large, instead of the shrill liberal ideologues who are destroying are country from within.

If Mr. Harper is signalling that he wants to offer an olive branch to social conservatives in the Party for past indiscretions, I think many of us on this side of the fence will accept it warmly. However, if this is a case of 1 modest step forward and 2 bigger steps backwards, we’ll be back to the old days.

I, for one, will be watching closely. And so will social conservatives across the country. The next election will be a real challenge for the Conservative Party, and it would be a real misfortune for the right, if social conservatives were given another viable option on the right.

Stay on the right side of the path, Mr. Harper, and we’ll all be happy.

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