Happy now, Mr. HRC Lackey? ‘Cause You’re Next.

Got this message in my inbox today from a fellow blogger: 

One bit of fallout from the HRC thing is that I shut down the comboxes for the Post-Darwinist and the Mindful Hack, and hid existing comments. I did this partly for time management reasons, but in truth I was also worried about the growing reach of hrc’s.  Quite honestly, I have no way of determining what may offend someone I have never met or heard of or what may cause them to feel that they are a subject of “hate.” That’s too bad because I often used the combox to plea for tolerance of opposing views, on difference sides.

Here is the message I posted:

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Comments currently disabled

Some readers have written to ask why I disabled the Combox. Two reasons:

1. Time pressure. Interest in both the intelligent design controversy and the mind vs. materialism controversy has exploded. I cannot manage all my current desks nor train people fast enough without cutting back on all non-essential activities.

2. Canada’s current “human rights” regime has created significant difficulties for bloggers with comboxes for which they are responsible. I am one of the people campaigning for reform, but I don’t know when or whether reform will happen. If you want to know more about that kind of thing, go here and here.

If reform happens and I have the time, I will reenable the combox.

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Anyway, I plugged some of our blogs. I will plug some of the others too, as opportunity allows.

cheers, Denyse

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