Happy Father’s Day

Spent an absolutely wonderful Father’s Day with my family this past Sunday. Was spoiled rotten by breakfast in bed and some nice gifts, then we went to the beach.

I realized yesterday how much I value fatherhood, and how maligned fathers are in our culture today. They are reduced to mere sperm donors by the wider culture. Same-sex “marriage” says they are not necessary (or that mother’s aren’t necessary – take your pick).

My daughters tell me quite a different story. They come running to me every day to give me a hug and a kiss when I get home from work. I have to come to yearn for that love and attention, and I treasure it more and more with every passing day.

I am so proud to have four beautiful daughters. Daughters who have been entrusted to me to father, love, guide, and protect.

I hope to have more daughters.

Fathers, love your children and spend every moment you can with them. Don’t turn down a chance to play a board game or a piggy-pack or a dance. Don’t turn down a chance to go swimming with them. Don’t forget to pray with them – everyday if possible – and show them what a real man is like so they don’t settle for mediocrity in a future spouse. Protect your children’s purity and innocence. That is your No. 1 job today.

When you’re old and gray, they won’t forget you. They will visit often, love and care for you. They will bless you with many grandchildren. When you die, your life will mean something and you will pass on your life and your faith to them.

God Bless all Canadian fathers and families this day.

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