Happy Father’s Day

Dear brothers,

Happy Father’s Day. God bless you all for your sacrifices to your family.  You likely have no idea of what it’s worth to the salvation of your own soul and those of your family and those who recognize your integrity.

Keep on, keeping on.  This is Father’s Day.

Wives and daughters:  keep us in your prayers every day because the enemy wishes to take us down first.  Society is collapsing because fatherhood is being viciously attacked.   Pray for a restoration of fatherhood and the particular sacrificial love that only a father can give.

Many of the reasons for our ills and moral collapse as a culture starts and ends with us.  Pray for the virtue of courage for us and the desire for purity of heart and soul. Pray that fathers stay away from pornography.  Pray that we remain faithful to you, our wives and daughters and sons.  Pray that we hold on to a stout and valiant heart to resist the Devil.

And dear wife, don’t think that we need much in life….just your respect and love.  We think you’re beautiful, no matter what the culture tries to do to you and to us.  Just remember that.

Pics below:  My girls handing me a gift that I’ll never forget.  Little notes of their love for me which I will lovingly pull out for many days over this summer.

Reader’s caution:  my girls’ love amplifies my qualities somewhat a little more than they really are.  But a little amplification by daughters and wives goes a long way with Fathers.  A bit of respect and love and we’ll eat rocks if we have to for you.

One thought on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Say hello to T.R. ,C.H, G.R., T.T., G.C.,and the rest of them for me Dad and Tom Landers, Walter Szetela, Mom, my brothers and sisters . Blessings to all men of good will, and Happy Fathers Day.

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