This is Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day.  The difference between a father and a sperm donor comes down to 2 things:  relationship and sacrifice.  If a man does not engage with his offspring, then he’s just a sperm donor.  The sperm donor might donate through “conventional means” or unconventional ones.  But he’s still just a sperm donor.   Sperm donors are the logical extension of fathers who don’t father, who don’t care, who don’t discipline, who don’t sacrifice, who don’t give a damn…who don’t love.  Why bother with the messy business of separating oneself emotionally from women and children when you can get paid to donate?  It’s kind of like giving blood.  Sperm donors masturbate and give their sperm instead.  Think of it as a community service.

The acceptance of sperm donors is also a natural stepping stone for the foundation of same-sex “marriage”.  After all, if a father is not necessary for a “family” (or a mother for that matter), then it may just as well be two women or two men.  All they need is the raw material, and they’ll apply it as they see fit – whether it’s two parents, three, four or a village.  Relationships, as sperm donors have taught us, are completely arbitrary and not tied down to antiquated notions of gender or biology.  It’s a brave new world out there where anything goes (and usually does).  Depending on the particular nomenclature:  Fathers are not necessary; mothers are not necessary; children are not necessary.  We just do what we want – without regard for the other or for greater society or the future.  It’s merely raw power and will that defines our relationships. There are no boundaries whatsoever.

The reality, however, is quite different to the false structures which our culture has erected.  The reality is that there is a transcendent purpose to the traditional family of father, mother, and children.  There is a design to it that reflects the very essence of the Creator Himself.  If that is true, then we must know that turning away from this design, or even worse, repudiating it and openly mocking and attacking it, can only lead to ruin for our culture.  While it does take years and perhaps decades for its effects to be felt, they are felt in a big, big way.  And it’s our future generations who will be forced to clean it up.  Even now, the results are before us, but we refuse to turn because sin has made us very, very stupid indeed.

For society to begin to recover, fathers must take the leadership role again.  But what is leadership?  Feminism confuses paternal leadership with “machismo” or a distorted view of patriarchy.  Leadership has less to do with commandments and more to do with leading by example in all of the virtues.  There would be no feminism, abortion, homosexualism, divorce, child poverty, etc. if men led by example; if we did our jobs, instead of destroying the ones we loveNo woman leaves a man because he sacrifices for her too much.  And no child turns his back on his Faith because the Father truly loved the Lord.  The problems of our age are not going to be solved through politics and legalism.  As John Paul II has said, the solution to our problems is personal holiness which then – one person at a time – begins to transform the culture.  Do we really believe that we can fix our society by changing its laws or its politics alone? If we do, we deny grace.  We deceive ourselves if we believe that real change can come from anything else, other than from an interior transformation, first.  Start with the man in the mirror.

And so, there it is, gentlemen:  I challenge you to rekindle your fatherhood and manhood; to re-devote yourselves to the service of your wife and your children.  If you do, many of problems in modern day society, which have been caused by family breakdown, will fade away like a bad dream. 

3 thoughts on “This is Father’s Day

  1. Our society ought to avoid a market for sperm and embryos for the same reason it should avoid a market for human beings and body parts. People are not inherently objects of barter, or commodities to be sold on the open market. The inherent dignity of male and female made in the image of God should prevent people from being viewed as market commodities.

    A father is neither an anchor to hold us back, nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.

    Happy father’s Day !

  2. New article on spermdonor babies here:

    The study’s findings echo recent commentary from young adults conceived through donor insemination. Writing in the Washington Post a few years ago, Katrina Clark reported that she envied friends who had both a mother and a father. “That was when the emptiness came over me. I realized that I am, in a sense, a freak. I really, truly would never have a dad. I finally understood what it meant to be donor-conceived, and I hated it.”

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