Happy Father’s Day

So today is Father’s Day. It’s a day when we honour men who sacrifice for their families, and love their wives and their children.  But it’s more than that.  It’s a day that stands as a rebuke to this lost culture which says that Fathers are only optional — as in the case of same-sex “marriage” or “career women” who only need a sperm donor.

As study after study has shown, juvenile delinquency is largely associated with fatherless societies.   Look at our society right now and look at the stats.  It’s not rocket science.  It’s just common sense and reflects something that the liberals in our culture just don’t want to admit. Man, Woman, Children. There’s a plan.  There’s a purpose.  As human beings we are not just arbitrary creatures.  And neither is a family. It cannot be simply redefined because some government bureaucrat has some perverse idea of diversity.

A lot of us put the blame on feminism. To be sure, feminism has really emasculated and attacked the traditional male role, but in the end, it’s women who suffer because of this stupid idea of “super woman” or “super mom” who really only needs a sperm bank and her children really don’t need a father.  In the long run, she suffers because she cannot wholly nurture her children, and the child suffers because the critical contribution that only a father can give simply isn’t there. 

If you want to know why feminism exists today, all you have to do is ask a feminist to describe her relationship with her father.  Assuming she even knows who he is, the answer will be rather apparent. 

So our job is to recommit to our families, gentlemen.  To love, to lead, to sacrifice. To be a man of God.  To serve.  If we do this, we will reap an abundant harvest not only for ourselves but for the society at large.  Functional societies cannot emasculate men without ruin.

Earlier this month, my three oldest performed in front of a large audience.  They are instructed in ballet and jazz.  As I sat there watching them perform, I shook my head in amazement at how beautiful and graceful they were in their performance.  (My oldest two girls are featured in the video below).  But then I was sad because many of these little girls in our society will never know a father’s love or respect.  They’ll just grow up to hate men and perpetuate the lies that this culture feeds them about the traditional family.

As men and fathers, we can stop this vicious circle by teaching our sons and daughters about what it means to be a man and a father.  We can break this cycle. We can make a difference.  Let’s all remember this solemn and noble vocation today.  The future of our society literally depends on it.

Happy Father’s Day!

4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Tell the girls I said great job. It is nice to watch a dance routine that is not being performed by a bunch of bulemic drug addicts. Happy fathers day John.

  2. Ah… to be young again… Amazing how beautiful the simplicity of innocence is. Quite a long routine to memorize and they pulled it off! Be proud and enjoy the gifts of fatherhood..

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