Happy Family Day!

Today is Family Day.   We even have a holiday in Ontario to celebrate it.   It appropriately comes right after World Marriage Day which we celebrated yesterday in the Catholic Church.

Not too long ago, we considered the phrase “Who’s your daddy?” as a joke line to describe a disorder in sexual activity. Today, it’s a legitimate question…even becoming common place.  In the future, fathers will be rare. Human beings are becoming chattels of a selfish and perverse culture which peddles the conception and birth of babies like a commodity.   Babies for sale, wombs for rent, sperm donors for hire, homosexuals as replacements for mothers and fathers, and the State as the master regulator of the brave new world. Slowly losing our freedom and dignity, we’ve sold our birthright for bobbles and become the foolish initiators and propagators of the 21st century slave trade.

But even this cannot break the image of the Blessed Trinity which is a communion of life and love between persons, most beautifully expressed and revealed in the human family.  The powers of darkness will not prevail in the end, even though we must go through much suffering and pain — even martyrdom — to witness to the truth of God’s love for us.

The Creed teaches us that another Person (the Holy Spirit) proceeds from the love between the Father and Son.  The love is so intense between them that another person “comes forth”.  And so it is between the love between a husband and a wife.  The procession of their love is their children.  This is the closest reflection we have to the truine God.

The Holy Spirit, therefore, proceeds from the Father and the Son, having the same divine nature, eternally, outside of time. The Father’s begetting of the Son and the Holy Spirit’s proceeding from the Father and the Son can be attributed as the overflowing love that is the nature of God. Such a love begets the Son, and the equally abundant love each possesses for the other overflows with the procession of the Holy Spirit from a “single spiration.” The Holy Spirit, therefore, is rightly the “unity of both, or the holiness, or the love.” Yet this bond is clouded in the immanent mystery of the Trinity. As St. Augustine profoundly states, “The Holy Spirit, whatever it is, is something common both to the Father and Son. But that communion itself is consubstantial and co-eternal; and if it may fitly be called friendship, let it be so called; but it is more aptly called love.”[xii] Hence, though each member of the Holy Trinity possesses the same divine nature and perfections, the Holy Spirit is often attributed with the quality of love. Furthermore, this bond of love that is the Holy Spirit emboldens St. Augustine to believe that “the Trinity can be called the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit is a certain unutterable communion of the Father and the Son.” No other person of the Godhead can be spoken of as such; no other person connects the other two as such. (Source)

God bless all mothers, fathers, and their children this Family day! 

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