Happy All Saints Day!

We had a fantastic time at my parish’s annual All Saints Party this past Saturday.  We started it last year as an alternative to Halloween.  I’d say the turnout was double.  Some people even came from other parishes. It was also a good catechetical lesson in learning about the glorious saints of the Christian faith!

Pictured above in front of the pearly gates….

Front: St. Zita (Tonya), St. Rosa of Lima (Sophia), St. Helena (Clarissa), St. Philomena (Emma)

Back:  You Guess….

We are only the second married couple canonized in the Catholic Church.  I am holding a clock in my hand.  Our daughter is also a Saint and a Doctor of the Church.

Who are we?

More Pics from the All Saints Party….

St. Rose of Lima makes a mouse cupcake in honour of St. Martin de Porres.

Saint Zita checks out her loot bag

Saint Zita, Saint Veronica and Saint Catherine give clues as to the saint they are.

Saint Philomena shows her door cupcake in honour of Saint Brother André.

Saint Rose of Lima enjoys the Divine Mercy cookie she has decorated.

St. Nick’s Coin Toss.

Queen Ester, Blessed Frassati, Saint Brother  André, Saint Sarah, and another Saint Brother  André!

Even Canadian saints play hockey in heaven!

Saint Juan Diego shows off his Tilma.

Someone’s just a little excited at the Heavenly Halo Ring Toss.

One thought on “Happy All Saints Day!

  1. Just got a chance to see your heavenly pics of All Saints Day!

    Made my day, John, WOW this is what God promises us when we allow Him to show us what a real party is., Glorifying Him in His saints and angels.

    Side note. It was a great day across from ground zero, today, because although 40 days is officially over, there were about 8 of us praying and

    God is so Good. D. and N. came over from across the street to share that the security guard was giving them another hard time, and I shared that
    when I was a security guard fro the Commissionaires we had to follow a rule book of ethics and procedures and were to never veer form them and always to be courteous and respect the law and people we are called to protect and to not engage in any uncalled for hostile behavior. I shared that the Commissionaires would not be “guarding” a place that kills children and never would we be told to lie.

    We all agreed that lying will never be beneficial and we have the Truth
    and we are praying in God’s Love and Truth for all and we will expose lies,
    because God tells us to. We are not to fear lies, because they can never be Blessed, and to have Faith and pray the Rosary and pray spiritual warfare against the attempts of the liar of all liars to work through deception.

    Long story shorter, I said I was praying for God to send His people and some angels. and just then D mentioned to me there was Another security guard on the opposite side of the pillar near where I was standing, who was speaking with an man who was kneeling. I went around to see what he was saying to the gentleman, and then the security guard who happened to be a Commissionaire, (coincidence? me thinks not) began sharing how he did not know what the problem was with them protesting about us praying there, when he mentioned my sign he added.. and “WHY would they have a problem with that?”. It was one those beautiful times ,God loves to give you as sweet reminder of His presence with us. The
    wonderful man went on to share how emotional he gets because of circumstances he had wanted children , and I cannot relate it all here…
    and even had always hoped to change a baby’s diapers and be part of the upbringing of children . It was so beautiful to hear a man share on such an emotional level. I explained to him how beautiful and lovely it is to hear a man feel he can share that he can hardly hold back tears. I shared with him how awful it is that men who are devastated also from abortion and often want the babies have no say, and just leave it up to the woman saying (It is your right, do what ever you think, without even believing they have a say if they want the child to be born.) I have long been aware of the need for the Pro-Life movement to recognize men at a greater urgency, because as often the case their and cries and tears, (if they even feel it is o.k. to share them… and still be a “man” according to society’s standards, go unheard and unshed. (excuse the bad English) and the running sentences.

    Just had to share God’s brightening a Tuesday with His sun and HIS SON,
    and the Holy Spirit, and the Saints and Angels in Heaven,. Thank you Blessed Mother Mary for all your intercession and protection for us.

    We are making a difference!!!

    God Bless

    Frances Wilkinson

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