Hamilton Catholic School Board To Send Letter of Protest re: Justin Trudeau’s Abortion Stance

Board chairperson Pat Daly said he proposed writing a letter “of concerned protest” against Trudeau’s stance.

“Obviously that’s something that is of great concern to our board,” he said. “The trustees were unanimous in their support.”

He noted the letter would be sent on behalf of the board, but also all students and staff within the system who work hard to promote a “culture of life.”

Its website says the board’s Culture of Life committee aims to “support and enhance the education of students about issues around the beginning and end of life – particularly abortion and euthanasia.”
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Two questions for the Ottawa Catholic School Board :

1. Shouldn’t they also write a letter of protest to Trudeau? After all, Archbishop Prendergast and Bishop Riesbeck have made a big deal of it, to their credit. They’ve also provided all the political cover required.

2. Does the OCSB have a Culture of Life committee or equivalent? I didn’t find one on the list posted on their website, although I understand that list may not be exhaustive. Seems like we could do more.

One thought on “Hamilton Catholic School Board To Send Letter of Protest re: Justin Trudeau’s Abortion Stance

  1. Look at what our societies children are indoctrinated with in schools. When The Lord’s Prayer, and The Ten Commandments are considered unconstitutional, so called neutral Secularism imposes it’s own morality. If our Priests,Bishops etc., don’t lead us to win this Political Culture War for the minds and souls of Western children,then who will? Think of how the character of our former Christian West has changed since 1962 when so-called neutral Secularism replaced Christianity in Government, Law ,Education ,and where immorally indoctrinated Western schoolchildren from Kindergarten to University will take it. This has been happening throughout the West for some time now, and getting worse as Bishops stay Politically indifferent. In our democracies “the politicians” voters elect to rule them, and their children are the ones who pass Bills into Laws. Children are indoctrinated into the culture of death in our Education Establishments.

    Transgender policy in Vancouver schools sparks heated debate

    Proposal to keep students’ gender identities confidential worries some parents


    From left: Roisin O’Dwyer, Violet Read, Cormac O’Dwyer, Bronwyn Baillie, Kate Fry, Dominic Duff, Julia O’Dwyer and Jasper O’Dwyer, representing students, alumni and family of Lord Byng secondary, gather outside the school Thursday. The group says they support transgender students, even as a heated debate on transgender policy dominated a parent advisory council meeting on Wednesday.
    Photograph by: Jason Payne, VANCOUVER SUN
    Which bathroom to use at school is something most students don’t give a second thought, but for Dominic Duff, a 15-year-old transgender student at Vancouver’s Lord Byng secondary, it is an uncomfortable question.

    “You can’t use the female washroom because someone’s going to yell at you because you look like a guy, right? And if you use the male washroom, someone’s going to yell at you because you’re not technically a guy … you don’t feel safe there, either,” he explained. “Usually I use the handicap washroom, which isn’t really the best thing, either.”

    Dilemmas like this, faced by most transgender students, are the reason an expanded Vancouver school board policy on sexual orientation and gender identities is needed, Duff said.

    Bathrooms are just one aspect of it. There are also questions around which change room to use, which sports teams transgender students should play on, and, during sexual education classes, whether to go with the boys or the girls.

    The school board is considering expanding and revising its policy, first drafted in 2004, to address some of these questions, but critics say it could lead to teachers pushing an agenda on children without their parents’ knowledge.

    “Children are very impressionable and can be led in a certain direction and if anyone’s going to lead them in directions, it should be their parents, not teachers,” said Lord Byng parent Cheryl Chang, who is head of the school’s parent advisory council, but spoke with The Sun representing herself and others who share her views.

    At issue is a requirement under the policy that teachers not divulge information about a student’s sexual orientation or gender identity to anyone, including parents, without the permission of the student.

    But because of issues such as which bathroom or change room to use, transgender students may have to reveal their identity to a teacher or counsellor before they are ready to come out to their parents. They should be able to do that without fear their parents will find out, said 16-year-old Lord Byng student Violet Read, who supports the policy.

    But the policy does not just apply to high school students who may confide in a counsellor, Chang countered. It applies to students as young as kindergarten.

    “We’re not talking about older children who have certain things they want to keep confident with a counsellor,” she said. “It’s just not appropriate for teachers to try and overtake that role and raise our kids and tell them what’s right and wrong and what their values should be. It’s the parents’ job to teach values to children, not the school’s.”

    Chang also expressed concern that the policy makes no provision for students who may identify as transgender at early ages, but in fact are not. It could lead to teachers assuming, for example, that a little girl with short hair who likes to wear pants and play with boys is in fact transgender, Chang said.

    “What does the teacher do? The teacher starts to advocate for her and say … ‘You know what? You’re really trans and we’re not going to tell your parents.’ You can’t have those kinds of conversations behind a parent’s back.”

    The issue came to a head at Lord Byng when Chang wrote a letter to the Vancouver school board expressing her concerns about the policy, which mentioned in the first sentence her role as head of the school’s parent advisory council.

    But Chang’s views don’t represent the majority of Lord Byng parents, about 300 of whom turned to out to a meeting Tuesday night. Many expressed their opposition to the letter, said parent David Fine. Students attended as well, including 19-year-old transgender Lord Byng grad Cormac O’Dwyer and his sister Roisin, 16, who started a petition in the school and surrounding community in support of the policy.

    Things became heated, with Chang at one point threatening to call the police to remove the students in the face of what she said amounted to bullying and threatening behaviour. The meeting ended with the PAC voting to retract the letter.

    Duff, who transitioned last year, said even the limited policy made the experience a positive one.

    “Nothing bad happened. No one has even commented on it,” he said. “That’s what’s supposed to happen and I’m supposed to feel safe in school and I do.”

    O’Dwyer, who graduated from Lord Byng in 2012 and transitioned in 2008, said he hopes the revised policy will make it easier for transgender students throughout Vancouver, especially in schools with no experience with the issue, to do the same.

    “We just need it to be laid out so that everyone … no matter what their parents feel, no matter what the situation is, (is) going to be protected under that policy.”


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