Guttmacher Institute Study Casts Doubt on Contraception Use Reducing Abortions

Washington, DC ( — A new study by the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute continues the claim that expanded use of contraception and birth control reduces abortions worldwide. Mainstream media outlets and writers like Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic are using the report to say pro-life advocates should push for contraception.

Sullivan became the latest in a long line of commentators to criticize the pro-life movement for not being more contraceptive-friendly.

But, Dr. Michael New, a University of Alabama political science professor, writes at National Review Online that Guttmacher’s own study shows how contraception doesn’t reduce the abortion numbers.

“The link between abortion rates and access to contraception is not as clear as the Guttmacher report might indicate. Furthermore, Guttmacher’s own research suggests that there is little reason to believe that contraception subsidies would do much to affect abortion rates,” he explains.

New says “there exists no consensus on the correlation between the availability of contraception and the incidence of abortion.”

Read the rest here.

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