Gruesome abortion pics: controversial but effective

From a friend:

November 27, 2015

My name is __________. I am a 38 year old man. About 4 years ago, I was driving into _________________ when I pulled up behind a small moving truck with a giant photo of an aborted baby printed on the back of the vehicle. At the time I remember being disgusted and angry. I thought, how dare someone insert that obscene image into my mind.

Over the next few years with that image seared into my brain, I began to think about abortion, for the first time in my life. Until then, I had absolutely no opinion on the matter. I thought abortion was just a medical procedure like flicking off a light, a biological process was being halted, really before it even began. It was that photo that shattered that naive belief. I began to realize that abortion wasn’t just flushing a small mass of unrecognizable cells out of the body, it was something a lot more disturbing.

Then more time passed and I learned more about the issue. I learned that most people, know very little about abortion, including fetal development, the number of abortions performed in this country, the stages of pregnancy that these abortions occur and the laws dealing with abortion. I was shocked to learn that there are no legal restrictions on abortion at any time and for any reason.

That picture of the aborted baby, was initially very offensive to me, but now, I am grateful for it. Although it has opened up new darker view of the world, it is at least a more accurate view. I am glad there are people fighting for the voiceless.

One thought on “Gruesome abortion pics: controversial but effective

  1. In The Christian West, which claimed to be Christian in Government, Law, and Education, abortion the murder of living babies in the warmth, and supposed safety of their mothers wombs, was unthinkable.

    This all changed in the 1960’s when Western Civilization changed State sanctioned religions, and decreed Christianity Unconstitutional, and Secular Humanism with its values Constitutional. Secular Humanist Values thus became law. In democracies the laws of the land reflect the values of the majority, through elected representatives.

    Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women by men. Secular Humanism indoctrinates students in its values using adult school teachers, abortion, promiscuous sex , and homosexual activists, by government legislation.

    School teachers led students here in The Lord’s Prayer until the 1960’s. Things were not perfect, but were slowly getting better, until the corrupt religious worldview of Secular Humanism, became the new State sanctioned religion of Western Civilization. Secular Humanism is not neutral, but diabolical, and secular Christian is an oxymoron. The secular indoctrination of former Christians have made them politically inept. MP Edmund Burke stated that evil flourishes when people who call themselves good, allow it to be legislated.

    MP William Wilberforce wrote a book in the European languages titled,” A Practical View Of The Prevailing Religious System Of Professed Christians, In The Higher And Middle Classes In This Country, Contrasted With Real Christianity.” Thanks to good Christians who kept electing him, he made the world better.

    As our good Catholic Professors would say after our studying the Holy Bible in the original languages, ” What hinders you? ” Indeed what does hinder our political unity to have wholesome legislation becoming law? They showed us how to politically unite, and finally change rotten 2005 Parliamentary, and Supreme Court Of Canada Law, and get it done in 2008. It cost them their own time, and money with the help of righteous volunteers.

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