Group trying to have a portion of Bank Street designated Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Village

The City of Ottawa is currently seeking public input. See the last paragraph below. This is our chance to stop it.

Contact the City Councilor Diane Holmes at or 613-580-2484

Group Trying (Again) To Have A Portion of Bank Street Designated Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Village
with files from Stephanie Kinsella
Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Following Sunday’s Pride Parade that drew record crowds here in the capital, a local group is optimistic that a portion of Bank Street will soon be recognized officially as a gay, lesbian, bisexual Village.

While rainbow pride flags dot storefront windows along Bank Street, the Village Committee is hoping to take the unofficial designation and make it official with 6 street signs.

Committee Chair Glenn Crawford says the signs with the city of Ottawa logo and rainbow colours would only be noticed by those looking for them.

A third survey is being conducted on the issue.

This time, Councilor Diane Holmes’ office is asking nearby residents what they think of the designation. Holmes says, if the response is mostly positive, the signs could be in place by November. (Source)

6 thoughts on “Group trying to have a portion of Bank Street designated Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Village

  1. Are they willing to make a ‘woman or man only’ section or how about a ‘whites only’ section? Better yet, how about a ‘straight only’ section?

    I would have suggested a French only section but…

    Gosh I’m glad I moved away from Ottawa.

  2. Well we will see how many Catholics will become politically active about this, one way or another. I hope they don’t want a so-called gay Catholic church there. What is being allowed to happen to our country due to the political complacency of many so-called believers and priests? I pray you will stand up elect and support the right people to win The Culture War that is raging for the minds and souls of Canadian People for Christ’s sake.

  3. I just sent an email to Diane Holmes, cc to my Councillor and the mayor. I said that I believed it was divisive to base a neighbourhood on a sexual orientation and that this proposal does not serve the greater good of the City of Ottawa.

  4. Diane Holmes like 99% of leftwingers, anti-lifers, pro-abortionists, refuse to debate or acknowledge that others hold opposing opinions. Therefore it is expected that she wouldn’t reply. Closed minds.

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