Ground Zero Reports: Day 18-21

DAY 21: 

I arrived at Groundzero at 4:54 a.m.and pulled out my beads and began praying to the B.V.M.

Shortly thereafter, a male passerby, started angrily shouting at me.

He yelled, “I’m sorry your mother didn’t get an abortion!” My head bowed in silent prayer, I ignored him, and kept on praying the rosary. He then screamed, ” What you are doing here is crazy!” (praying peacefully for an end to abortion), I kept on praying and ignoring him.

Finally, before leaving, he threatened me by stating, “If you are still here when I get back I’m coming after you!” Once again, I just kept on praying. He never came back. I finished the vigil by thanking the Blessed Virgin Mary for her intercession.

During the entire incident I did feel somewhat intimidated by all the insults and angry words hurled at me. However, at the same time, I did feel honoured to suffer a little, for love of my unborn brothers and sisters, who silently suffer much worse than this.

Giovanni P.

DAY 19:

 My husband and I went down for the 1-3a.m. slots of Sunday early morn’, and we met our  lady friend who had actually had made previous arrangements to meet me there, (my hubby coming was a bonus, as he felt that men should be there, and rose to the occasion (good stuff Bruce!). We were also blessed to meet up with two fine young men from  Carleton and Ottawa universities respectively.

There were many young people from the bars all around the area, and I prayed  that it would be peaceful, considering the state a lot of them were in, and they were all across the street and up and down Bank as well as Sparks. It was for the most part, Thanks to all the answered prayer.

Two couples came over to me, to speak with us, but mostly centering more, on why I had my sign. Interestingly enough, but not surprising, the caveat, they both mentioned before wanting to be less defensive was stating that they were not religious, and asking if my sign had to do with a religious organization. One was a self admitted atheist yet he said he did not believe in abortion except in certain situations (i.e.rape and if the person might be born with a disability. After speaking with him about his  sister his mother had given birth
to who had cerebral palsy and it was so hard on her because of the way people treated her, and I explained to him about we don’t know why people have certain trials in life but they still are human beings and have every right to live out their life without someone deciding to kill them, he opened up and started telling me about her musical abilities, and we had a really good talk about how after God saved me in a fire and I was left with 2nd-,3rd, and 4th degree burns over 45% of my body and had almost died , and was in a coma for 10 days, yet God turned it around so I could help other burn survivors, (I had formed a Burn Support group, early on after I left the hospital, when I understood the need for it), Point being , my life has, and had meaning and no one can  but God can decide when I pass on.  Back to the importance of everyone having the right to live, just had to aad that, as it had an impact on them why I was so grateful my life had been spared, and how No one except God can decide what Life He has planned for us. They listened.

When I said to both  that No, my sign did not although I was a Catholic, my sign was about why I regretted my abortion-Period, and why, because iit is the killing of a human being. and the other a self admitted gay young man with a really sweet young woman, who apparently was based in Vancouver, and wanted to know if I had statistics on the number of abortions among homeless and/or street people. I told him C.L.C. might have that statistic, but I did not, but we talked for quite awhile about abortion and the Truth about it. It went really well, and we had to laugh, when they ,then after  saying there good-byes with us and shaking our hands, said they were going to now talk with the “younger” folk, like themselves., referring to our fellow prayer partners form the universities, James and Connor. The conversation with the atheist young man and his girlfriend went really well, too, and I can only hope and pray that God having planted the seed, that it takes root, and they think about what I said. We also shook hands and parted well.

It was also so wonderful to see these two young vigil men, James and Connor dedicated in their youth to the Sanctity of Life and knowing the impact they will have on their fellow youth. They have such a battle in our universities, and God Bless them for their conviction and courage. Thank You Lord. 

I had to call it a night about 2:30 though because I had taken a fall on some ice earlier in the day, while walking my dog, and the pain from the fall started shooting down my whole leg. My husband and I and  my friend (another Frances) all left then, and we made sure James and Connor were o.k. to fill the last half hour. 

There is something really special about being able to spend those early hours in front of the clinic with  God and fellow vigil warriors (if there are more), and I was rejuvenated, again , and reminded it is such  a small sacrifice to make. Thank You Lord and Blessed Mother Mary and ALL the Saints and Angels for being there with us and watching over us as we pray at Cavalry, and giving us a chance to serve you in our smallness. We love and Adore You.


DAY 18: 

Linda and I arrived at the vigil site this morning (Saturday) just before 8:00. We found six people there: a family of four and a couple (with whom we had shared time earlier in the week). They kept us company until about 8:15, and then we were alone until 8:50 when a lady arrived to keep watch for the next hour.

A few minutes after we were left alone, a Gen X gentleman went past me, as all the other early morning pedestrians had done. Suddenly, I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder. The gentleman had gone a few steps past me, and must have thought he needed to say or do something, so he turned around. He simply said, “Have a nice morning.” His smile was broad and wide. I watched to see if he would say anything to my wife. He did stop briefly, and carried on to the Sparks Street mall. He must have been able to collect his thoughts, as Linda told me later his words to her were, “Keep up the good work.”

Linda said another lady came along later and blessed her and the other lady with a sign of the cross, before proceeding on her way.

Other than that, all was peaceful.


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