Ground Zero Report – Day 30

March 26, 2009

I prayed at ground zero last saturday march 21st and I just want to share this story.

Well… quite honestly, I had time between studying and meeting a friend so I decided to go pray for a little while at ground zero.  It was much of a struggle thow for I find it intimidating, and I fought myself with these feelings of fear of persecution.  I asked God for the strengh and courage, and kept walking towards ground zero for although I fought with the fear, I am also convicted of the upmost importance of this campaign as well as the power of prayer!

So anyways, after praying with a protestant, I started to pray a decade and asked God to use me, to be a vessel for Him and His Word. I offered myself to Him for whatever He may need me to do or say. That’s when a man walked across the street towards me, and he asked me if I really cared about this fight against abortion, secondly he asked me if I was religious. Now, I then saw that this man, in his mabe late 20’s just needed someone to talk to.  He shared about his persecutions because of his faith, then he shared about his grief in having lost his child to abortion. What awed me was that he called the foetus his ”child” not ”it” as so many call our dear children still in the wound. well… in any case, he was still confused on this matter for he questionned if it was mabe right that his girlfriend had an abortion because she was an alcoholic and was rationalizing this matter to the fact that ”the baby would have a hard life anyways, and it would have alot of problems because of foetal alcohol syndrome”. I do not have the knowledge to answer his question, but I did remind him of the greater plan of God and His will in the birth of every child as psalm 129 states… then I told him I would pray for him and left to go meet my friend.  It amazed me of the way God called me to support this man, and all this reminded me that sometimes, when things are the most difficult, that’s what God is calling us to do. I praise God for the opening of this man’s heart to the word of truth on our posters: I knew you before you were born.  All this also convinced me of the importance of stading at ground zero: to bring the truth of God to a lost people, to pray for the salvation of little souls, and for the healing of those who have had an abortion… so much so that I have gone back as much as I could since then.

Praise God!

– Hélène


Grace and I were present at Ground Zero from 9:40 to 11 o’clock relieving Pat who had stayed  to cover the nine o’clock hour. We went earlier because of your notice. While we were there a young man with a wispy white blond goatee and moustache came up in front of us with a small digital camera.He seemed to have a rehearsed speech filled with questions about women being held prison by pregnancy, did we not think  that de facto abortion was around for years and talking even faster he continued by asking us if we really thought making abortion (no longer ) legal would help change …anything. All three of us stood silent as he  took our picture and spoke..  He then just as quickly  thanked us in mocking way and wished us a good day.  Three other vigelers were present:  one from Our Lady of Fatima Parish two from Our Lady of  the Visitation Parish and one from St Theresa’s  parish. A women from New Wine Evangelical church stood at the corner of Bank and Queen She told me that the young man with the camera was accompanied by a woman who was taking pictures up and down the streets of which she stood on the corner confidently showing that part of the sign with the quote from Scripture which  she said would not go out without  accomplishing what it was sent to do.  The photographers disappeared into the 222 Queen Street Building. she said. We would have chosen to wear more layers as the wind was still cold.  Glad to have been there. There  was a security guard outside of 65 Bank.

– Mary

Letter-writer Frances Wilkinson draws on her own personal experience and her beliefs to urge women to reconsider their choice of having an abortion.

Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s film “The Silent Scream” referred to in the letter below can be viewed at:

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When I signed up for a slot for the morning of March 25th, the Feast of the
Annunciation of the Lord, I thought that I would be alone, as the calendar
indicated a solitary “1”. I was okay with that, as I have spent several
hours, or portions thereof, at different times, alone in prayer on the
sidewalk. Today was very different. When I arrived at 10am, two ladies were
praying the rosary together and another couple of ladies were walking with
signs. The gentleman in his electric wheelchair, whom I have seen before at
the vigil, was warming himself over the heating grate. I joined the ladies
praying the rosary, and then they had to leave. About ten minutes later,
several other women arrived, and two of them began to pray the rosary
together. I joined them in praying the rosary. Shortly before 11am, Frances
arrived with her sign and began walking back and forth, and before I knew
it, there were about 8 people praying at the vigil site, and nearly all were
praying the rosary. It was very encouraging to see so many people praying. I
left to do an errand and then went to Mass at St. Pat’s. One of the
intentions for the Mass was for the unborn, and there were special prayers
for the unborn. There were so many people at Mass…it was beautiful. I
thought I’d go back to the vigil site to see if there was anyone there, as I
had some free time to spend there before I had to head home. As I walked up
Bank St., I could see that there were several people in prayer at the vigil
site, and decided to go home. I had a sense during my time at the vigil and
at Mass, that the prayers of God’s faithful people, honouring His Blessed
Mother on her feast day, were having an effect. We might not know what kind
of effect, and we can’t judge the “success” of our prayers based on the
number of turnarounds. We just need to continue to be faithful and obedient
to the call of God to pray and to be a prayerful presence on the sidewalk in
front of 65 Bank St. Our prayers form a carpet of grace over which the
people walk as they go in and out of the doors – no matter what, they are
blessed and the Lord can touch their hearts.

Sue A.  


Last Thursday was a great feast for St Joseph and i felt called to head to Bank st. I signed in picked up my sign and began to pray.The ” Agony in the womb” popped into my head as I pondered about women who planned to come to the clinic this morning. As I was walking and praying , a young woman walked by and said ” Do volunteer work”. I continued to pray and walk. The dreaded lights came on in the offices upstairs and soon the third floor was well lit. “Scourging on the third floor” was part of my Rosary now . I turned and faced the building and a bus stopped to wait for the light. A young boy was reading my sign and soon he gave me two thumbs up. I acknowledged him and he turned to speak to his mom who sat next to him. She seemed to discourage him but he turned as the bus pulled away and gave me a big smile. I thanked God for allowing me to plant some seeds in our young people and continued to pray and walk.  Mercy Lord on all of us.

In HIM always

the JYS


Shame on the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Police for allowing 40 Days for Life, a group that opposes abortion, to stage their protest in front of the Morgentaler Clinic in downtown Ottawa.

I work at the Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where volunteer escorts are needed to protect women from the taunts and aggressive tactics of the antichoice people.

Their only achievement is to humiliate and shame women who are simply exercising their right to a safe and legal abortion.

That city officials would sanction one group of citizens to legally harass and intimidate women seeking a legal medical procedure is both disrespectful and disheartening.

Protest if they must, but do it elsewhere.

JUDY BURWELL, Fredericton

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Judy, please permit me to say that I am one of the persons who stands vigil across from the abortion facility in Ottawa. Contrary to what your letter says, as vigil keepers we do not protest, humiliate or shame anyone, neither do we judge. What we do, is to pray for the victims of abortion. Specially trained sidewalk counsellors respectfully provide accurate information and supportive alternatives to would-be abortion clients. Additionally, because pregnancy is neither an illness nor disease, it is erroneous to say that to end it by abortion is a medical procedure.
You may not realize that as part of the 40 Days of Life Campaign, we stand by choice in prayful vigil across from the abortion facility and that we only make this choice because we believe that to end a human life in abortion is contrary to natural law. I would ask you then, to kindly refrain from labelling those who choose life as being “anti choice.” Make no mistake about it; our choice is to protect the lives of unborn babies. Thanks for reading my comments.
Jennifer of Ottawa

Source: Letters to the Editors, Ottawa Citizen


I’m not sure how to submit a report so I will send this to  you and you can submit it if you want. March 26 I often go to ground zero on Thursdays between 10am &11am then again between Pam&Pam. There was no counsellor again today which was too bad. A few men took pictures, one stayed across the street.? There was a woman who came out of the abortion facility and she was chatting on her phone, she made sure to come right across the street where we were praying and said to the person on the other end ” I  cried, it hurt, it hurt a lot but it was all worth it”. She said these words loud and in my direction then proceeded to Mc Donalds to wait for her ride.  I did for her what I could, I continued to pray. During my second hour there was a man talking to the guard who had a uniform on – it looked like a guard’s
 uniform- this man seemed very tormented. A large white van drove up and it  had Ontario on the side, the driver had a uniform on that was the same as  the tormented man’s. The mystery of the uniform was reveal a few moments later when a female guard and a pale young woman in a purple track suit wearing handcuffs emerged from the facility. I had to wonder how much of this woman’s choice was hers and how much was coerced? The male guard really seemed to be struggling so please remember him in your prayers. Thank you to the young
family that took the time today to pray, it was nice to see. 

– God Bless Cathy  S 


Yesterday, March 25th I was at Ground Zero for about 2 and a half hours, and there were a good number of young people going  into the clinic, as is the usual thing on Wednesday, but while I was there, at the prime  time between, -2p.m., I did notice that the numbers were still down, compared to what I had witnessed other Wednesday mornings.

We are having an impact. It is obvious in many ways. Thank You, Lord Jesus for letting us serve you.

I was especially Blessed to meet a lovely woman who approached me as I walked and we spoke for awhile,after she asked me about my abortion. She was in a wheel-chair and had the kindest most gentle compassionate heart. It was as if I was encountering Jesus strongly in this lady.

She shared how both her parents had wanted her to have an abortion, but she did not, and went  ahead and had  a daughter who is now 21 (I think..) and how said daughter is now pregnant and is going to have her  child. I thanked her and asked God’s Blessings be over her. We promised to get together and she gave me her address at St. Vincent’s Hospital, where she lives. Thank You God, for this amazing new friend!

Today, again I went down and was there from 11.A.M-2.p.m. and encountered more wonderful new faces at the site, as well as some Faithful regulars , beautiful souls, who are so dedicated in prayer and  God’s Love and being witness for the innocent. Each person ‘s yes to God concerning the Sanctity of Life means so much to Him! If people only knew.

This beautiful, humble soul (Leena? hope the spelling is correct) and I shared about, not compromising the Truth, and again, I was moved to tears at such dedication and Faith and boldness. and her fierce Witness to God’s Truth. She is such a bright light.

Truth is we should not be amazed at this when we encounter it. It should  be the norm.
Anyway, I’m speaking for myself here folks. I am so inspired once again by each and every person praying everywhere, as well as at the site.

We all make a difference and we have no idea just our far reaching our efforts are. But, I know God is doing BIG, Amazing things with His Faithful.

Was so happy to see a family with at least 4 children there witnessing, as well. They are such a powerful presence. I can see God smiling when they are there . It’s as if He’s saying “look at my beautiful creation won’t you let them  grow into these  Beautiful flowers! (the young children)- to all  the people across the street, guarding the  mill, and entering at their own  deceived peril. where the dark deceptoin hangs over 65 Bank like a dark polluted storm cloud , so toxic, only God’s wind of His Holy Spirit in His faithful witness through us can blow it  away so people see clearly His Truth, and begin to breathe again, without choking on the lie, that is abortion, and all its near distant relatives, contraception, common lae habituation,etc.

As a special treat, God Blessed me with meeting a beautiful young woman when I walked back to St. Pat’s after I left the vigil, and she approached me and shared about her mother’s abortion and how her Mother suffered great abuse as a child from her family of origin, and her Mother suffered from the scourge of alcoholism, and we shared and shared. She saw my sign, and that is why she appoached me, in the first place to thank me for being Silent No More.

One last thing, when I began my time there on Bank, a young Chinese lady called me over from a phone booth near our vigil and said that although she may not agree with everything I stand for (she may have read the Letters page in today’s citizen with my published letter}, she wanted to commend my courage and my standing up for what I believe in. Can I do anything else? I wanted to say, It’s all for His Glory and it’s all about the children, who have no
voice, and I desire to point to them and all  focus on these beautiful  innocent ones,  but please pray for them always and storm Heaven for their protection and to end this travesty , but I remained silent and prayed that, instead and thanked her. I think I should have tried to speak more, but she made it clear she was busy, and just wanted me to know that, so she repeated it twice to me.

I  will be back as soon as I can.

God Bless everyone,
to live in His Truth and Love

Yours for Life

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