Ground Zero Report – Day 3 (Feb.27)

I was praying from 1 to 2 p.m. today.  It was raining.  By the time I left, my mitts were dripping wet and my jeans were soaked.A police car came.  The policeman came out and talked to the security guard.  Then another police car came but he didn’t get out.  Then he rolled down his window and asked us across the street if we were obstructing the sidewalk.  I said no, we’re just peaceful.  He smiled and nodded and rolled up his window.  They left.  One of two ladies praying before me said that someone called the police because a group of about six (not connected with 40 days for life who march every Friday regularly ) were walking so slow that they were obstructing pedestrians and she thought that was why the police came.

These two ladies from the previous hour stayed for about half an hour and then left, so I was alone.  A woman in a beige van drove away and gave me the finger.  Later on two clinic workers, I think, a man and a woman came out to talk to the security guard.  When they went back in, they both gave me the finger.  The man then came out later and crossed the street without looking at me, to where his black van was parked and he drove away.

However, during the hour, I did get nods of approval from two passers by, so not all is bad.

– Sharon G.


2 thoughts on “Ground Zero Report – Day 3 (Feb.27)

  1. I always chuckle when someone holds up their middle digit and thinks it actually has an effect other than making them look totally stupid.

    Keep up the great work.

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