Ground Zero Report – Day 2 (Feb.26)

The day began on an encouraging note. The first couple I encountered seems to have turned-around. They showed up before 8:00am, before the mill opened. I got a chance to exchange a few words with them and gave them some brochures. They looked them over while waiting in the lobby. When the staff arrived around 8 o’clock, they went up. I was very happy to see them come back out within the hour.

The rest of the morning went on as usual, some of the people going in were receptive, many were not.

At one point, a young woman came out for a cigarette and started chatting with the security guard. She mentioned that the staff take the brochures away from them as soon as they enter, claiming it’s for their own good, so as not to upset them. How patronizing! Imagine, the very people who have everything to gain if these women choose abortion are telling them what’s good for them or not. They are censoring what they can read while they’re waiting. So much for choice. Of course, I saw it first hand yesterday when one of the staffers took it out of the hands of a woman about to enter. She didn’t ask for her to hand it over, she just took it right out of her hands. I guess they don’t realize how overbearing they come across, so caught up in their ideology, afraid of someone getting any bit of information that doesn’t come from them.

A heart breaking comment came from a young woman who had come back out for a cigarette with her boyfriend. They were chatting with the security guard, mostly about the 40 Days for Life campaign. Then I over-heard her say « as far as I’m concerned, it’s a human being when the heart starts beating ». I asked her if she happened to know when that was and she replied « frankly, I don’t care ». I told her it took place at 21 days after conception. She just said « I don’t care, and don’t talk to me anymore ». Her tone of voice clearly indicated she wanted to be left alone, so I moved away from them. An hour or two later, as she left with her boyfriend, her face was pale and you could tell she’d been crying. I know that the staff probably blame me, the mean pro-lifer, for having caused her some emotional stress. All I did was give her a simple fact. A fact that she’d eventually come across anyway. Whether she finds out today or in five years, she’d still have to face the fact that she took the life of what was by her own definition « a human being ». Waiting five years to find out won’t make it easier. At least today she was given the truth. This is a battle for the minds of our youth, they’re fed so many lies. How many more children and women must be sacrificed on this altar of ideology? My heart goes out to her and I pray that God will bring healing to her.

Another possible turn-around occcured early in the afternoon. I spotted two young women standing at the corner of Sparks and Bank, just in front of the entrance to Howard’s Jewelers. They were looking around and checking a sheet of paper, as if to match their surroundings with a map. It’s quite possible they were looking for 65 Bank St. since a search for it on Google Maps brings you exactly to that point. (see here). So I walked over and spoke to them and gave them a flyer. They looked the flyer over as they walked and continued past the mill. When they got to the corner of Queen and Bank, they stopped, looked at their map again and looked back towards 65 Bank. They stood there for a while, hesitating, looking over the map and the brochures, and eventually walked away.

So that’s two yesterday and two today.

Praise God! And thank you to all the pray-ers. That’s what’s making a difference. Yes, many women go in and do have an abortion. We’re there as Mary and John were, keeping vigil at the foot of the cross. Our presence there is the only human love these babies will have while on this planet.

Once in a while, though, we get to see some of them change their mind. Through it all, something tells me we’re the ones being transformed the most. It’s called discipleship.

– Doris  G.


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