Ground Zero Report – Day 16

Today, it seemed like I was having no impact.  Was I using the wrong words? Was my approach wrong?  Many refused to take the flyers, some stopped, took them, and it even seemed that a few of the accomplices were in agreement with me.  But they went in anyway.  It reminds me of something Msgr Reilly told us while we were in Brooklyn. We can’t rely on appearances.  Sometimes, it is those who seem to be the most angry who are closest to conversion.  Others will sweetly smile at you and go on to kill their baby.  

Today, I counted the most abortions I have seen in one day : 20.   This truly is Calvary in our day.  The same women who walked past me into the clinic later came out, most looking shell-shocked, trembling and teary-eyed. All but one refused the gift I offered them on the way out: a rosary.  She is about 18 or 19, a pretty young blonde with blue eyes.  Her boyfriend dropped her off across the street from the mill.  As she was crossing the street, he poked his head out the car window and, as if to taunt both her and the vigilers, yelled “Look at those people who disapprove of what you’re about to do”.  How insensitive!  Such a blatant attempt at humiliating her.  I can just imagine what that relationship must be like.  She stopped and took the flyers I handed her just before she went into the building.  She was the last woman to go in today.  As 4:00pm came, the security guard left.  Almost all the women had come out.  Still, I waited for her.  Finally, she came out. She accepted the rosary I gave her, and a Rachel’s Vineyard flyer. I asked her if she had a ride home and she assured me she did and thanked me for asking.  She went back into the lobby to get out of the cold wind and I could see her read the flyer.  Just seeing her read through it made the waiting worthwhile, especially considering that I wasn’t planning on being there so late, since I originally had an appointment for 4:00pm.  I know I was exactly where God wanted me to be at 4:30pm.  Please, Lord, let her hear Your call to come home to You.

– Doris

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