Ground Zero Report – Day 15


Staggering….absolutely staggering. Below are accounts of an on the spot conversion and the second and third babies saved as a result of the 40 Days for Life campaign coming to Ottawa.  Praised by Jesus Christ and Blessed be His Mother for All Generations!


I wanted to tell you about my experience at the mill on Sunday night…it was really powerful. I was at the mill and a man approached a couple of us and talked about losing a child to abortion and not really doing enough to stop it. His girlfriend actually committed suicide after her abortion! He talked about the deep pain he still feels. He said our signs are hard for him to look at because it reminds him of the abortion, but he agrees with what we are doing. He told me he is now in the gay life style and bartends. I asked him if I could pray with him and he agreed…what happened next just blew my mind! I prayed for his healing, that God would show Him his dignity and love, etc. Afterward the man began to say he was healed from something and his facial expressions totally changed! He was so filled with joy! He said he never felt this way before. I told him it was Jesus. He never felt that way in his life. I gave him my rosary and I asked if he would be interested in speaking with a priest. He said he would. My heart just went out to this man…I felt that Jesus reached down and somehow lifted him out of a deep pit right in front of my eyes!! I couldn’t believe it…I still can’t! It was beautiful. He is beautiful. Anyway, just wanted to share that. 🙂 – Nicole


Praise the Lord! As we were praying the rosary between 1:00 – 1:15 p.m., October 8, we couldn’t help but noticed a woman and child waiting outside the abortion facility. A young woman came out shortly and joined the woman and child. They looked at us, in a calm fashion, as we stood across the street. No doubt we all wondered what the girl had just experienced because she was rubbing her stomach tenderly. The little group went into McDonalds. When they came out, they crossed the street and came to speak to us directly. The woman, who turns out to be the girl’s mother, said, “She’s decided not to go ahead with this. She can’t do it.” I cannot describe the emotion that washed over me and the women with me. It was a struggle to continue to pray out loud because our tears of gratitude were getting in the way. We asked if the girl had the help she needed, and the mother replied that she herself would be helping her child. After they left, another vigil keeper, who had finished her turn but was in the vicinity and saw us talking with the young woman, came over to see what had happened. She told us the young woman had gone into the facility at 11:00 a.m. or so. The vigil keeper went to mass at noon at St.Patrick’s and prayed for the young woman and the intentions of the Vigil. Her joy was immense when she heard like news. We can witness powerfully and pray fervently every single day for an end to abortion. Today, the Lord graced our group by revealing His mighty power in the life of a saved child. – Valerie

Here is the other Vigiler mentioned above who went to Mass…

This morning I decided to go down to the vigil from 11am to 12pm. When I arrived, there were several people praying and a few women holding signs. As I stood and prayed, around 11:30 or so I noticed a young girl of about fifteen sitting on the bench outside 65 Bank St. She was all alone, and looked across the streets at the signs, looking at them one at a time. At one point, our eyes met and she kept looking at me. I smiled, but all I could think was, “Dear Lord, please don’t let her go in there.” I thought that I would give her some literature – something I have never done before, but suddenly felt compelled to do. As I was looking through the materials in the baby cradle at the vigil site, a man approached and asked what we were doing and what church we were from. After I explained to him the purpose of the vigil and we ended our conversation, I looked up to see the young girl going into 65 Bank St. with a woman who had a child of about four years of age in tow. My heart sank. I prayed that the Lord would move in her heart to convince her to not go through with this, and that the guardian angels of her and her unborn baby would intervene. I left to go to Mass at St. Patrick’s and the gospel was “Ask and it will be given to you….” I prayed, “Lord, here I am – I’m asking that you would spare the life of this child.” I chatted with a couple of friends after Mass, one of whom I hadn’t seen in three years. She offered to drive me home, but I told her I was happy to take the bus, at the same time feeling that before I went home I had to stop by the vigil site again. I arrived shortly before 1pm, and I ran into my husband who was returning from lunch. As we chatted briefly, about ten metres from the vigil site, this same young girl walked out of the clinic and right past us with the woman and preschooler. I told my husband that I had seen her go in the clinic earlier, and given the time that had passed, I assumed that she had had an abortion. My husband and I both silently prayed a Hail Mary, then talked for a few more minutes. Then I noticed that the girl and her companions had walked back down the street, had stopped to talk to the ladies who were praying at the vigil site, and then walked away. I said good-bye to my husband and walked over to the ladies to ask what she had said. They told me that the girl had said that she changed her mind, and that she was going to keep her baby. It turns out that the woman was her mother, and that she has five children, but that she would help her daughter with this baby. They were quite happy when they talked to the women at the vigil. Needless to say, we were all in tears. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers! What a wonderful privilege to see our prayers answered. Please keep praying! All those prayers, and the silent witness of standing at the vigil, are making a difference. Please pray for this young girl – God knows who she is – and for all others who have the courage to carry on with pregnancies in less than ideal circumstances. – Sue


This morning was really hard at the Mill. Sometimes I just get really overwhelmed with all the death going on. I was there from about 830 to 1045. The manager came out and just stood there, appearing to see what we were up to. When she got cold, she went in and sent someone else out. It seems as though they are worried about what we are saying to the women or what we are giving them. Of course, all she found was information being offered with love. There was a young woman this morning who kept walking by but wouldn’t go in the door. I gave her information, which she took. Later she stood outside the building with her boyfriend and he was talking to her attempting to convince her to go through with the abortion. It was clear that she didn’t want to do it. When he left, she walked by me again, said hello, looked to see if her boyfriend was out of sight, then went into another building. I prayed so hard that she had the courage and strength to not go through with it. I don’t think she will have the abortion…I really don’t. – Nicole

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