Ground Zero Report – Day 15

Praying and Being There Gets Results

Just wanted to share with you a wonderful experience I was part of yesterday down at Ground Zero.  Following the end of Christian Community Day (gathering of all Ottawa Catholic School Board staff and support staff at the Conventioin Centre), I proceeded down to 65 Bank Street. Upon arrival, a priest (and 2 others dressed in clerics) was leading those gathered in the Rosary and later on, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Not long afterwards, a group of older teenage girls could be seen looking over at us from the McDonalds location they were standing outside. It wasn’t long before 2 of the girls decided to come over. At that moment, I braced myself for what I thought would be a hefty confrontation. What transpired could have been nothing further from the truth. Myself, along with 2 members of the Holy Redeemer Knights of Columbus, entered into what could only be described as a most engaging conversation about abortion and the defence of life. During the course of our conversation, one of the girls proceeded to tell us that her mother had been seriously considering aborting her. This was obviously very disturbing to hear. When asked why, in the end, her mother had decided against aborting, the girl responded, “She woke up one morning and realized she couldn’t – she knew that it was just wrong.” Seeing that their two friends were heavily involved in discussion, the remainder of the group crossed Bank St. to join in on the conversation. The girls were genuinely interested in what we were doing there and what 40 Days for Life was all about. This group of 6 seventeen year olds showed themselves to be very articulate, polite and well-informed individuals. They asked questions to us concerning abortion and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as the morning after pill as a form of abortion. Sadly, the leader of the group informed us that 3 girls whom she knows had had abortions. Another girl in the group (who told us she was pro-choice) stated that most girls her age today view abortion as simply another means of contraception, and that it is mostly the parents who are the ones forcing their daughters to kill their babies for fear of shame. The girls then thanked us and headed off, cigarettes in hand. As I put my placard down, and finished my shift, I thanked the Lord for the blessing of sending these young girls our way. Instead of fearing a confrontation, I was given an opportunity to witness to life. Even more importantly, the Lord placed in our midst a beautiful, young, articulate girl whose mother decided against abortion and instead chose to give life – Amen to that!

– Catholic Teacher

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