Ground Zero Breakthrough

JOHN! We were at the mill doing sidewalk counseling this morning. The manager came up to me and said, “i want to see what you’re giving out”…I showed her gladly and she asked for a package. I gave her one and she walked into the building. I left for Mass but a couple of my friends stayed…and what happened next is pasted below! I believe a life was saved today! I asked St. Therese to save a life, I really think she has! Woo hoo!! We are going again tomorrow morning and Friday. – NicoleHi there pro lifers,

For all those who are experiencing discouragement and thinking why bother and for all, I have a story for you that will bring encouragement. When I woke up this morning, I almost didn’t show up for the vigil due to physical illness, but I did say a little prayer and asked Blessed Mother to take away any ailments that would prevent me from attending the vigil this morning. I started feeling better and went to Bank St for sidewalk counseling. The first couple I met where looking for the abortuary and I think I asked them their situation, cannot remember. We ended up having a lengthy discussion about their situation, different options, what the abortion procedure actually is, etc. In the end, they ended up going inside. After a couple of hours, they both came out and she was so upset. I thought she went through the procedure, but she didn’t. She spoke with a counselor and decided to wait and think about it some more.

PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is hope. I knew in my heart and I saw it in her eyes, they don’t want to have an abortion, but felt there was no other choice until after. They know there are other options and there is help and people do care. Please still keep them in their prayers in case they end up having outside pressure to go thru with the abortion. Thank you so much Nicole and all who work so hard at bringing this 40days to life. If it wasn’t for you guys, this could not have happened. There is a life saved now due to this campaign and I ask and pray that all of you do not give up and do not let anything stop you from attending the vigil. Let’s keep it up. God will use all of us for His purpose and help out these girls in distress and shut down the abortion mill.

Peace, Love and Blessings to you in Jesus thru Mary – Rosalie


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