Ground Zero

We have been asked why we call the vigil site on Bank Street across  from 65 Bank St. Ground Zero

During a weekend retreat with Monsignor Riley, founder of God’s Precious  Infants, he explained what happened in the New York area on Sept. 11,  2001.  Mgr Riley’s basilica is situated in Brooklyn, NY. When the planes  hit the twin towers, every priest and member of the clergy who could, made  their way to the tragic sight.  The devastation was incredible … Mgr.  Riley said the location of an abortuary is our “ground zero”.
This term has been used since 1947 and there is no copyright on it.
Here is the definition from the Collins, World English Dictionary :
Ground Zero 

1.  a point on the surface of land or water  at or directly above or below the centre of  a nuclear explosion


2.  a scene of great devastation


3.  the  name given to the devastated site of the collapsed World Trade Center towers in  New York city after September 11, 2001.




4.  abortuary  (to be added to the Dictionary at some point in the future)

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