Grocery List Truths


Daddy, when you leave for work, some of my heart breaks off and it doesn’t feel right and when you come home the part of my heart that broke off is filled again.  I Love you. Love Emma”

My daughter wrote the above “love message” on the Saturday grocery list that I take me with me on Saturday morning errands.

If you want to know why radical feminism has taken hold in our culture,  you don’t need to understand complex movements or patholigies.  You need look no further then my 10 year-old’s note to me…and the absence of its message in families.

Husbands and fathers!

Be true to your wives and do not let your hearts wander.  Marriage is a sacrament and a vow. Stay true to your word. Sacrifice for them and place them on the pedastal that they deserve.  Never forget that they are your helpmates and not your servants.

And for your daughters: remember that this is a battle for their hearts and their allegiance so tie that string tight around their hearts and never let go.  Value modesty in your speech and their attire.  Never make them feel less than boys, defend their honour, love them always.  Give them an example for a future husband.  Be a real man and take the hit when necessary.

If you do these things, radical feminism will fade away like a bad dream.  For there rarely ever was a feminist who had a healthy relationship with her father.

3 thoughts on “Grocery List Truths

  1. Your daughters are each so beautiful, John, and will have so much to contribute to society…. thanks for being such a great father…. and Lara, thanks for being a great mom!……

  2. Hi John

    Thank you! Your daughter’s note is so beautiful,sweet and innocent and a sight for sore eyes at the end of the day as I read my email.

    Thank you for being the Father and Husband you are and of course
    thank Lara for being the second half of this marriage, so pleasing to
    Our Lord and Blessed Mother Mary and Joseph…and of course all
    the Saints and Angels.

    God Bless,

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