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  1. Unfortunately, I think the results of these polls are too optimistic, just like polls that ask “Should the government do more to protect the environment?” Such vague polls give high approval results because they aren’t linked to specific actions that will cause pain. If you do a poll asking people which initiatives they will support to improve the environment (higher gas taxes, increased road tolls, fines for not recycling, alternating license plate days, etc. you suddenly observe a loss of enthusiasm for the environment.

    Same is true here. How many people would really say “yes” if you word the question: “do you support the banning of all abortions after 3 months?” Not many. There’s no spirit of sacrifice anymore.

  2. “no spirit of sacrifice anymore” I love that wording, Steve. That is what we saw this month when otherwise healthy people jumped the queue and signed up for H1N1 shots with the first wave of compromised-healthy folks. It has been bothering me for a while now. I wonder what would happen today if our country was in a real crisis. If Winston Churchill called for us to “never surrender”, would anyone follow his instructions. Would anyone even listen.
    I am thankful for the blogosphere that allows for the free exchange of information. Enough Canadians have been lulled into stupidity by CBC and the Toronto Star.
    I am also thankful for pro-lifers who are often the ones who are making a sacrifice in the world today. It is not always easy to carry another baby, love your not-so-lovable neighbour, listen to the old person talk about their ailments….
    I have faith in the tenacity of pro-lifers though. They carry the torch, despite the odds, the media, and political correctness. We will prevail, in God’s time.
    Take the poll and run with it, Steve. It gives you some positive pro-life news to talk about! How often does that happen in mainstream media?

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