Greens: Death to the environmental infidels!

We always knew that the environmental movement contained many radicals who are advocating a lot more than just recycling.  Every now and again, we catch a glimpse of their disturbed state of mind.  I’m not talking about the average Joe who cares about the environment.  It’s very important for us to preserve our environment and to act responsibly.  I’m talking about radical activists who have little appreciation for the value of human life.  The kind that forced the founder of Greenpeace to jump ship because the organization had become to radical.  The kind who think that a whale’s life has the same value as a human life.

Every now and again, these folks slip up and commit a huge blunder that reveals their darkness.  The latest case in point involves some TV commercials by the 10:10 Campaign, a group aiming to reduce greenhouse gases.  Check out the commercials for yourself at this link.  WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES.  It was so bad that they were forced to pull them off their website, although many people had already saved copies.

h/t SUZANNE at Big Blue Wave.

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