Burning out of Grey

Here’s a tribute to all of the little girls out there who will one day grow up and reject the lies and manipulations of the current immoral order.

They’ll be on the front lines of busting the moral relativism and stupidity of the current age, the age of “grey”.  A new kind of feminism will emerge — one deeply rooted in the inherent dignity of women understood within the context of the natural law.

Yesterday on Pentecost Sunday, my second daughter, Emma, was confirmed into the Catholic Church and received her first Holy Communion.   It was a very special day for our family since it means more than inviting the typical half-heretic, Uncle Guido, over for food afterwards. 

Throughout the Mass, I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit descending on my daughter.  It was almost palpable.

Oh but if all children could experience the love of Jesus! And to love Him with their whole heart the way my little Emmie does!  And if we adults, in turn, could learn to trust the Lord and do His will the way my 8-year old daughter does, we could turn this world upside down. 

My wife and I catechize Emma, but she evangelizes us!

As one line of this song goes, “give me the fire“. 

Indeed, on this day of Pentecost, give us the fire of your Holy Spirit, dear God, and awaken us from our slumber.

In 2009, the Holy Fire is going to Fall on Canada. And look out when it does.


One thought on “Burning out of Grey

  1. Our Darwinian Humanist Education Establishments are misleading our kids and society to believe Darwinian Humanism for sociological reasons and not from proven scientific evidence.

    Peter Singer and James Rachels, are philosophy professors whose textbooks are used to indoctrinate and mislead university students. Their Darwinian humanist mentality permeates the textbooks and minds of those controlling our education establishments. They argue that Darwinism has effectively undermined the Judeo-Christian doctrine of,” The Sanctity OF Human Life”.

    Their mentality gives us insight into the roots of Adolf Hitler’s worldview and his genocide mentality. It also helps explain why so very many university educated Germans would cooperate with the Nazis and participate in the Holocaust, including medical personnel. Hitler’s racial image of the world was not the product of his own delusion but the result of the findings of,” Respectable Darwinian Science “, in Germany and the rest of Western Civilization, including Canada.

    How long is the sleeping Giant the Church going to remain silent. It is good news that at least one family is awake and we should all take their good example.

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