Gravel Claims Has Support of “Many Priests & Bishops”

And he noted that he has the support of “the very great majority of Quebeckers” as well as “many priests and bishops” and insisted “nobody in the province where I work wants to excommunicate me from the Church.” (Source)

I wonder if he would care to name the bishops who support him?

3 thoughts on “Gravel Claims Has Support of “Many Priests & Bishops”

  1. We only have Fr. Gravel’s word of what people are saying to him about this case. If he is being truthful that many don’t want to see him excommunicated he might be right. It depends on what he means. Does he mean Quebeckers, priests and bishops would rather see him come back into full communion with the Church and her teachings than being excommunicate? Or does he mean they agree and support his views?

    Lifesite lawyers will have the opportunity to ask him such questions at trial. If it is the later his answers would prove embarrassing to some.

    I find Fr. Gravel’s comment, “My problems with the Vatican authorities all flow from the evil, the lies and the half-truths from LSN…”, unbelievable. Is he saying Vatican authorities don’t check facts for themselves?

    I don’t like such problems being taken to secular courts. But since Fr. Gravel has decided to pursue such means I wonder if Lifesite will counter him with suits of their own?

    This trial could turn out to be laundry day for the Catholic Church of Canada.

  2. I just cannot wait for Gravel’s bishop to be subpoenaed and testify under oath … imagine the possibilities …

  3. I’m also anxious to see if his bishop will testify, and what he will say. I suspect that the Quebec Church will balk at having any of its clergy testify.

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