Grabbing A Clue

Germany’s population is in a free-fall.  But it looks like they’re grabbing a clue.

What do you think the chances are that the luminaries in the Conservative Party will pass Grade 1 remedial math and start to conform their economic and social policy to the demographic collapse in Canada?

We cannot serve two masters.  We cannot call Henry Morgentaler a national hero while at the same time believing Canada actually has a future without children.  In case you don’t know, abortion kills children.  That means it kills a country’s future.

Germany is starting to get it.  The Conservative Party of Canada, on the other hand, continues to deny, delegate, and disavow any responsibility on the question of abortion and the part it has played in our societal implosion.  Just how long can we go on denying this reality?  Aren’t conservatives supposed to be the ones to face reality and make the necessary sacrifices?

One thought on “Grabbing A Clue

  1. There are striking parallels between what happened to the unwanted in the Third Reich and what’s happening to the unwanted today!

    It is the same kind of mentality. In Canada atheism is institutionalized through our schools to almost everyone. We don’t respect human life anymore and we dehumanize it and then kill it !

    The Nazis dehumanized their victims by calling them subhuman, non-human, parasites, animals, objects, and non-persons. The same terminology dominates today’s pro-abortion and euthanasia semanticists.

    Darwin’s so-called lower races only got the vote here in Canada in 1947 and the science books had pictures of six human races and six ape and monkey species, allegedly showing the proximity of the lowest humans to simians. This Darwinian molding of minds infected Western Civilization because we all go to school and university.

    Do you realize that the Nazis “technically” did not break the “LAW” in the Holocaust ? They passed over 400 “LAWS “leading up to the final solution ! Each defendant at Nuremberg invoked the ”LAW” to justify their involvement in the Holocaust. They said they were not responsible. We did not break any of our laws they said, and they didn’t.

    “WHAT IS LEGAL IS MORAL,” is a frightening slogan used to justify all kinds of atrocities throughout history.

    Legality was used to exterminate natives in Australia, Africa, North and South America, India, the killing of Jews and the killing of the unwanted today. Legality was also used to justify slavery and the slave trade.

    The main term used by the pro-abortion propagandist is the term “CHOICE”. The right to choose.
    The main term used by the Nazis to cover up their killing was “SELECTION”. The right to select.
    It was the doctors who were making selections in the Nazis death camps.
    It is the doctors today, in conjunction with pregnant women, who are making “choices” in the abortion chambers.

    The right to select in the past and the right to choose today represents the “evil” power of this social Darwinism to destroy those who cannot defend themselves.

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