Governor General & RCMP’s Intimidation Tactics

There is something profoundly sick about this story.

Firstly, the young people phoned ahead and the Governor General’s office agreed to meet with them.

Secondly, they were on public property, outside of the Governor General’s “private” property.

Thirdly, the presentation was made respectfully and peacefully.

I’m not sure what kind of thuggery the RCMP was engaging in, but I trust David’s account completely. I’ve had my own run-ins with the RCMP myself, and I don’t have a favourable impression of them.  And as for the Governor General’s big brother approach with the professional camera, I find that very eerie.

The fact is that none of us should really be surprised by this story because social conservatives are quickly being demoted to second class citizens for simply having a politically incorrect opinion.  That’s the reality.  There was no reason at all for the rough treatment these peaceful pro-lifers received from the RCMP. None at all.  Don’t they have enough violent Leftists to beat back at some protest some where? They have to intimidate 12 harmless (mostly female) pro-lifers and interrogate its spokeman instead?  Like much of our civil institutions, the RCMP is becoming a sick and dangerous joke.

And before the Leftists reading this entry soil themselves with glee, just remember….when we’re peeled away by the fascist impulses that are running roughshod over this country and the totalitarian jackboots start stomping, they really have no reason to stop when they come across your opinion that registers on their politically incorrect radar.

Oh…I know, things are just swell now, but the thing about not tolerating dissent and intimidating people into silence is that it is very dangerous.

Removing “the right” does not remove the right. It only shift the political opinion to the left so that the people who were once considered “moderate” become the new “right”, and then they become the new targets and on and on it goes….until it comes to you.

Caveat Emptor.

4 thoughts on “Governor General & RCMP’s Intimidation Tactics

  1. “unscheduled protest”???

    When did some municipal bylaw trump “Freeom of speech and opinion” and “freedom of assembly”?

    The same garbage happened in the US during their recent tea-party protests. Pathetically, most protest groups went to city halls seeking permits and permission.


    If the citizens do not have autonomy and freedom to exercise their rights then the nation does not deserve it’s sovereignity.

    Human Rights trump bureaucratic “scheduled” “permitted” use of them. Human Rights accrue to each of us simply because of our being human. Our servants cannot deny those rights, they can only unjustly refuse to recognize them and if our servants act to restrict our free exercise of them, they are by definition bullying and trespassing.

    US and Canadian citizens have an inverted perspective on what our servants are responsible for. Democracy is a bottom-up system. We empower servants to assist us all, and to maintain our society, not to control us and decide what we will be allowed to do and think. We forget who rules over whom.

    In Canada and the US totalitarianism has been enacted at the municipal level, and the citizens are sheepishly complying.

  2. Hats off David and the rest of the gang that went to meet with the GG’s staff. I’m proud that David stood up to the RCMP intimidators.

  3. I believe that a formal complaint should be initiated.

    Failure to complain will lead to repetition of the behaviour.

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