Gosnell’s Attorney Concedes the Violence of All Abortions

Give ’em enough rope and they’ll hang themselves. Check this out:

In defending his client in front of the judge and jury, McMahon said of abortion, “The process itself is kind of rough. You go in with forceps…[you may go in and pull out an arm, a leg].” What he was essentially admitting here is that the procedure involves, in many cases, dismemberment — an unpleasant detail that may not always be considered when debating whether or not an abortion is a “woman’s right.”

While it’s hard for those not in the courtroom to understand why McMahon would make such a proclamation, his rationale was clear, as the lawyer explained that his client’s alleged horrific actions presented to the court on Monday are consistent with what one would expect to see in a “normal” abortion procedure.

So, while the images of cut-off fetal feet, dismembered babies and other related charges seem horrifying, the defense seemingly went the extra mile to explain that these elements are commonplace — or, at the least, not unexpected, when it comes to abortion. (Source)

In trying to save his client, he may sink the entire industry.

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