Gosnell Patient Provides Four Key Insights About Abortion in General

Desiree Hawkins was 16 years old when she had an abortion at Kermit Gosnell’s house of horrors. She describes her traumatic experience here. Four aspects of her experience apply to abortion in general and merit pondering by every woman considering an abortion.

1. Referrals to hell:

“When they found that I was too far along … they gave me this,” Hawkins claims in the video, showing a copy of a pamphlet with Gosnell’s name and phone number written on it. “They referred me to him and told me that I’d be able to go to him without a problem and get the procedure done.”

Even though Gosnell wasn’t certified by the National Abortion Federation and had a bad reputation among his peers, other abortionists would still refer patients to him. What’s the point in having “sanitary” and “certified” clinics if they refer you to dumps and butchers? Can they possibly care about you if they refer you to hell?

2. Lying about the weeks of pregnancy

When she was 16, Hawkins sought an abortion at a National Abortion Federation-certified abortion clinic, Hagerstown (Md.) Reproductive Health Services. The clinic told her she was 19 weeks pregnant and referred her to Gosnell. When she recently retrieved her file in anticipation of testifying, she was shocked that her sonogram showed she had in fact been at 21 weeks, which meant she would have been 23 weeks pregnant by the time Gosnell performed the abortion. “I was so overwhelmed and hurt,” said Hawkins. “If I had known I was 23 weeks, I would have (chosen) adoption.”

They lied about how far along she was. When somebody is in the business of killing babies, there’s nothing they aren’t capable of stooping down to. Your “choice” gets manipulated by the information they give you. Even at a squeaky-clean NAF-certified clinic.

3. Pain, lots of pain

“I don’t remember walking in the room. I just remember coming to as I was laying on the bed … he was at the foot of the bed,” she said of Gosnell. “I remember having a young girl standing next to me and the only reason I was waking up is because I kept vomiting.” Hawkins also noted that she could feel pinching and pulling and that she kept waking up during the procedure.

When they tell you “it won’t hurt a bit”, just see #2 above about lying.

4. Guilt

Long, as the mother and, at the time, the individual responsible for her daughter’s health, carries immense guilt. From allowing and advocating for the abortion to learning that she sent her daughter to a purportedly unclean and unsafe location, she’s open about the burdens she carries.

“I do know that when I die, I do need to answer for that.”

So many women experience guilt for years after an abortion. Not because any “mean” pro-lifer gave them a lecture or a guilt trip, but simply because women are not stupid and they eventually realize the magnitude of what they have just done. For those that are currently feeling that guilt, forgiveness and healing are always available in Christ.


With everything we’re now learning about the abortion industry, you wonder why any woman would go through with it, especially when so much help is available to women in crisis pregnancies.

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