Gordon O’Connor’s Bleeding Heart

Gordon O’Connor, the Conservative MP for Carleton-Mississippi Mills, was only one of four Conservatives who voted against the second reading of Bill C-484, the Unborn Victims of Violent Crime legislation, which passed by a vote of 147-132. The other three Conservatives were from Quebec, so they don’t count.  That leaves Gordon O’Connor, the former Minister of Defense, who represents a semi-rural and socially conservative district, as the odd man out.

That’s right, Gordon O’Connor was the only Conservative outside Quebec to vote to ensure criminal thugs don’t get tagged with an additional criminal charge when they assault a pregnant woman.

I talked to Social Conservative United’s captain of underground operations last night and he said that many people he has talked to in the district are very upset with Mr. O’Connor. 

Many expressed the belief that they feel betrayed by someone who was supposed to represent the Conservative Party’s tough law and order position, but instead they feel they got stuck with a bleeding heart liberal.  And not just any liberal but a liberal who refuses to stand up for the most defenseless and vulnerable persons in our society: pregnant women and their unborn children. 

It’s saying quite a bit when even the Taliban find Defense Minister O’Connor’s views on women and children pretty extreme.

Since this bill still has to make it to third reading, it’s not too late to appeal to Mr. O’Connor’s good sense.  He is otherwise a solid MP who supported the traditional definition of marriage and many other social conservative causes.  But he must be told that his first vote on this Bill was the wrong one. So, please, contact Gordon O’Connor here, especially if you live in Carleton-Mississippi Mills, and ask him if his heart bleeds for more than just thugs who attack helpless women and babies.

One thought on “Gordon O’Connor’s Bleeding Heart

  1. The liberal-minded conservatives should change their minds and become real conservatives instead of ” liberals with the conservative name,” or they ought to join the liberal-minded parties. I don’t like Quebec so-called conservative pro-abortion MP Josee Verner’s lust to keep killing unborn babies through government sponsored abortion. She seems to me to be a plant from one of the liberal-minded parties.

    While she served as Minister of International Co-operation responsible for CIDA, one of the largest promoters of abortion internationally,IPP International Planned Parenthood had its contributions doubled. In the fiscal year 2005-06 under the liberal government CIDA gave International Planned Parenthood $9,000,000.00 . In the fiscal year 2006-07 under the management of conservative MP Ms. Josee Verner International Planned Parenthood was the recipient of $18,000,000.00 for abortion and population control. Conservative MP Ms. Josee Verner also gave the United Nations Population Fund UNFPA $44,000,000.00. Ms. Verner loves to give our money to her ideological friends. We would be better off without these liberal-minded PMs in the conservative government. This is not who we are.

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