Googling Development & Peace

Socon or Bust reminds readers that under no circumstances should anyone donate to Development & Peace.

Our official alternatives are:
1. Mary, Mother of the Poor
2. Chalice
3. CNEWA Canada

As it currently stands, Development & Peace is not a pro-life organization. They finance and aid the pro-abortion zealots and anti-Catholic bigots in the Global South.

They have made no admission of the facts. They have made no movement towards repentance. They have lied about their opponents.  They have sought to evade their moral culpability in order to cover for their toleration of abortion and the pro-abort groups who push for it.

Development & Peace will never again have a free ride from faithful Catholics in their funding arrangements with their partners.  Never. Ever. 

Oh, and by the way, unlike their pro-abort partners who pull material from their websites when they’ve been busted (more on this in a little while), Development & Peace can’t hide.

First page. 10th place….


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