Good News for the Catholic Church in Canada

And from Quebec no less!

Fr. Christian Lépine – Attended the Humanae Vitae Conference in Ottawa back in 2006.

Fr. Tom Dowd – Met him a few times at St. Maurice.  Solid and young priest. (Will be the second youngest bishop in the world!)

Please be good Busters and drop them a hearty “congratulations” in the Commboxes.

Benedict and Ouellet are turning things around in Quebec.  I predict a short stay as auxillary bishops in Montreal for both of these fine Catholic gentlemen, before being appointed to other dioceses.   Fr. Dowd is prime candidate one day for a place like Ottawa or even Montreal.

You can watch an interview with the Bishop-elect at our “Channel of Hope” here.

Please keep these solid priests in your prayers.

Look for rapid turn-over in the Quebec hierarchy over the next two years.  Quel dommage for the liberals.

5 thoughts on “Good News for the Catholic Church in Canada

  1. I had the great priviledge of having lunch with Fr. Dowd a couple of years ago. Really great guy! This is absolutely fantastic news.

  2. Ottawa already has a good Bishop. But the dioceses of Joliette and Trois-Rivières are in dire need of a good orthodox bishop.

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