Good article in the Globe on Blessed Brother André

Surprisingly, the Globe and Mail published a very good article about Blessed Brother André, who will be canonized by Pope Benedict tomorrow, October 17.  It’s not every day that the Globe gives good treatment to Catholics.

One of the highlights of the article is a brief account of the miracle that sealed the deal for his canonization:

A young boy from Quebec lay in hospital, near death. A road accident victim, he had suffered massive cranial trauma and was evidently in an irreversible coma. Any doctor will tell you that recovery from serious head injuries is exceedingly rare.

The boy’s family and friends prayed to Brother André, the founder of Montreal’s Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal and a man famous for healings; he had been beatified in 1982, four decades after his death.

Against all odds, the boy emerged from his coma. The recovery was judged scientifically inexplicable by several doctors.

The Vatican confirmed a second miracle attributed to André late last year; two are necessary, one for the beatification, the other for the posthumous canonization, which will be formalized in St. Peter’s Square in Rome by Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday.

And the boy? He has returned to health after the 1999 accident, when he was 9 years old, and will be among 5,000 Canadians making the pilgrimage to Rome to watch André’s elevation to sainthood. His identity has never been revealed. (Source)

That’s a moving story.  That young man must feel a very special connection with Brother André and I’m sure he will savour the canonization celebration in Rome.  I like the fact that he has remained anonymous.  He wants the spotlight to be on Brother André and not on himself.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time at St. Joseph’s Oratory.  It was my regular parish.  I learned a lot about Brother André at that time.  The parallels between him and St. John Vianney are striking.

We frequently prayed for his canonization.  Now we give thanks for this gift.

One thought on “Good article in the Globe on Blessed Brother André

  1. And not only the Globe&Mail but CBC of all sources.

    Probably time sensitive so best watch it now an report on miracles and Andre Bessette which is fair headed and remarkable, esp for CBC bastion of moral liberalism and doubt. The Bessette piece is the first in the vid. Load the page and click the video box in the right hand column. I have no idea how long Friday night’s episode will be online so watch it now

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