Golden Age Just Around the Corner…Starting in Sodom

Cordileone is currently Bishop of Oakland where he still celebrates mass according to the ancient Rite…. But Cordileone is the bishop – the only one among his Californian colleagues – to have campaigned in favour of the famous Proposal 8 which put a stop to civil unions between same-sex couples. The Proposal was subsequently declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court because it was deemed discriminatory. It seems he even contributed 6 thousand dollars out of his own pocket for the campaign and last autumn he wrote to Congress again, supporting marriage as one of the key principles of freedom….(Source)

This bishop is the real deal.  We’re use to the run-o’-the-mill conservative bishop who believes the right things and might venture out occasionally, but rarely do these few bishops actually risk anything or put anything on the line.

The “Lion Heart” is as good as his name suggests.  I really think that the Golden Age of the Church is right around the corner.  We don’t need many of these kind of men to make a huge difference. Just a few of them appointed to important places. Then look out!

Fun times ahead.

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