Going Going Gon

MONTREAL–It is often branded as Canada’s sexiest city, but public health officials recently issued a stark reminder that Montreal’s carnal side has its perils.

According to new figures, gonorrhea is making a monster comeback in Quebec’s largest city.

In Montreal, where roughly three of every four of Quebec’s gonorrhea cases were reported in 2006, the numbers have shot up by 65 per cent in the last five years.

Similar trends have been noted in other major cities, but Montreal seems to be setting itself apart.

“Clearly we are seeing a major increase in high-risk sexual behaviour. … It’s quite discouraging. I think we’re basically back to where we were in the early 1980s,” said Dr. Réjean Thomas, founder of l’Actuel, a Montreal AIDS clinic.

Thomas said the 40 per cent hike in the number of reported cases of gonorrhea in 2006 – the province chalked up 1,299 infections – is an ominous portent.

That’s because in Quebec, 30 per cent of those infected can’t be treated with regular antibiotics because the gonorrhea strain has become drug-resistant, compared with 7 per cent in 2004.

Sexually transmitted disease researchers also note the correlation between the prevalence of gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis and the incidence of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.



It’s much better to screw yourself into oblivion than admit that unrestrained sex is not such a good thing.

The nasty thing about nature is that it is not subject to politically correct opinions on sex. You either conform yourself to the moral and natural order or you will suffer or even die.

End of discussion.

Is that orgasm really worth your health or even your life? If it is, you have a pretty pathetic existence.

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