Going Along

Future generations may well condemn our society’s countenance of abortion in the same way we look back in wonder and revulsion at those who defended slavery. Men such as William Wilberforce and Abraham Lincoln are rightly revered today for their opposition to that peculiar institution — but we must recall that they were outnumbered and reviled in their time. Indeed, both men were stretched to the limit of their political skills, and their lives, to obtain justice. The nobility of their cause, though clear to us, was nowhere near apparent to their contemporaries. Then, as now, the most dreadful things can become convention if enough folks go along. (Source)

“…if enough folks go along.”  Indeed.  Tell me if that is not a perfect summation of the abortion gutter Canada has become.  We all just went along, but one day a Wilberforce will come along.  One day.

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