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MSM Shakedown Awards

For some time now, the Blogging community on the internet has shown its power and influence in keeping the mainstream media’s (MSM) news reporting in check. Famous cases like Rathergate and Easongate prove that the liberal MSM can no longer receive a free pass on their reporting or lack thereof. This past summer the CBC even received their own dose of medicine for their shameless coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and other foolish stunts. Even slick and savvy politicians like Garth Turner have felt the sting of the vigilant new kids on the block.

No reporter or public figure – even the notoriously liberal ones – want to be branded as biased and lose their credibility. (Just look what happened to Dan Rather!) Truth and fairness in reporting, despite the general lowering of moral standards brought about largely by the same media, still carries a heavy stick.

Many conservatives – especially social conservatives – have been given the proverbial shaft by the MSM. And while the internet has provided conservatives with an invaluable weapon against media distortions, it would help our cause even more if we were able to single out and focus on the worst of the perpetrators and “honour” them with an annual “award” for their biased and misleading news coverage. It would be yet another way of keeping the MSM accountable to the truth and accuracy that they purport to represent in their reporting.

The MSM Shakedown Awards seeks to achieve this objective by uniting Canadian conservative bloggers across the internet to help expose not only the top 10 offenders but also the systematic and virtually universal leftist bias in the mainstream media.

Click above to read more. I hope the blogging community will participate.

Time to start the shakedown and continue the blogging revolution!

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