2 thoughts on “God Still Redeems After Rock and Roll and Abortion

  1. The National Women’s Party was founded by Alice Paul in 1915. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth C.Stanton ran the official publication of National Women,The Revolution. Alice Paul stated,” Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women.” There was no disagreement from fellow Suffragettes.

    After WWII 10 Nazi leaders were indicted for The Crimes Against Humanity of Abortion. They said we did nothing wrong, because our Government and Supreme Court passed Laws legalizing what we did. Their excuse did not help them. Will yours?
    Trials Of War Criminals, Nuremberg Military Tribunal,Washington,DC:U S G P O,Volume IV,page 610.

    In 1962 The United States Supreme Court declared, The Lord’s prayer, Unconstitutional in schools. Secular Paganism as the new State Worldview-Religion was in vogue again, and spread like wildfire through The Governments, Courts and Schools of Western Civilization. The Secular morality of Abortion, and Kinsey Sex Education, is a legalized Constitutional human right in schools starting with innocent,impressionable Kindergarteners. As the memory of the Christian consensus which continued to give us healthy freedom till 1962 is forgotten,a manipulating Secular Paganism fills the vacuum.

    Who’s responsible for The Democratic West returning to Secular Paganism,by legalized human right? Could it be apathy and indifference of voters? How many people are you going to allow to suffer unjustly,by legalized murder and perversion ,as a so-called human right? This legalized criminality can only be changed politically, by a righteous vigilant voting public.

  2. Thank God Julia found forgiveness and healing after her abortion. One question still troubles me about her story: was there an attempt to burn down the apartment she was left in while Tyler was touring, to ‘get rid of the problem’? Her description of passing out and coming to with smoke everywhere seems very suspicious to me.

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