God is Using Obama To Pry Open the Contraception Debate

Our God is simply amazing, but in some respects predictable.  He’s predictable because as the bible teaches us, He is not confined to the boxes we operate in or even in the boundaries that He has set in place, like the sacraments, for instance, or the Christians outside of the formal boundaries of the Catholic Church.  His Spirit and Grace moves where it wills.

After 40 years of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church refusing to teach on contraception in any meaningful way or even Judasizing us on this question, God has finally had enough of our Church leadership inaction.  If the bishops don’t want to get serious about contraception on their own, then God is going to use Obama to kick-start them into sobriety.  Yes, that’s right.  In His inscrutable ways, He’s used the wickedness and snares of the devil (as the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel goes) to turn the situation around.

Obama and the Leftists believe they can use contraception as a wedge issue in the next election.  They figure – and they would not be far off the mark – that contraception is as good as American pie.  To oppose it is really only for the backward and the extreme elements of American society.  At least, that’s how the Left is going to characterize it.  They’ve got Santorum who is not shy about telling the electorate what he believes about American pie and they’ve manufactured a controversy with the American bishops about the same pie.  It’s a perfect storm to define the election issue in the next election.  Elections are won and lost on who gets to define the issues.  Since elections are won or lost on one or two issues (despite the popular mantra that you shouldn’t be “single issue”), it stands to reason that if your side is capable of defining the issues, then victory is all but assured.  That’s what Obama is doing with contraception. He’s tanking in all other areas of political life, so he’s shifting the debate to sexual “freedom”.  It’s his only hopey-changing strategy that will save him.

Now Obama may or may not win the American presidential election in November, but what he has done is ignite a question that has long been buried in the American psyche.  He might win the next election because Americans have still bought into that fake American pie, but he’s also planted a seed that will ultimately crush everything that he represents even if he is not around politically to experience that defeat.

Contraception is the issue.  And it’s an issue that no conservative could have hoped to bring up.  But since the liberals have brought it up, then the game is upon us and we will marshall the resources, the facts and the truth to crush the lie of contraception.  And the great irony is that it was the Left that were stupid enough to begin the journey to their own self-destruction for a short-term political gain.   Contraception is as good as dead.  It just doesn’t know it yet- neither does Obama or Planned Parenthood.

Game on. The stakes are nothing less than life and death to American society.

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