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Slick piece…

“…Time passed. No fees were paid from the trust. No concessions on the amount to be paid were forthcoming. Those who paid in wanted a meeting to get a resolution. The trap was sprung. Yes, a petition could cause a meeting. But the SSSC had no obligation to tell a contributor who else had contributed. And they wouldn’t. They guarded the contributors list very closely, giving out only small pieces of it to their operatives to phone contributors from time to time to propagandize them. But those determined to let true freedom prevail in the matter exploited this small chink in the tyrant’s armor. Pretending to be enthusiastic supporters of the fee boycott, they ingratiated themselves to the Central Committee, and were recruited as propagandists. They used their small pieces to identify the like-minded, and had them spread the word for signing a petition and causing a meeting with the trustee. They broke the tyranny of the students who had taken control, and caused the money to be paid against their tuition. The howls of the thwarted student politicos was music to many ears.

Carlton’s administration had taken a laissez-faire approach to all this as it happened. It wasn’t quite indifference, because indifference to right and wrong had yet to become fashionable. Today it is. I can’t help but wonder if, today, probably the administration would call the police to break up the trustees meeting, since on the showing it made against students seeking to stand for what is right concerning the murder of the unborn, it has truly embraced the fashionable at the expense of the moral. So times have changed, but history points to hope…” (Source)

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