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XXII. In the other camp you have, in essence, the Catholic faithful, not as uniformed and uneducated and unqualified and obtuse as might be assumed (this is a great shock to “professional Catholics”). Representative examples would be LifeSite News, Catholic Insight, The Interim and a rag tag team of bloggers. Its members are generally younger in age and its priests/religious tend to be more traditionally-minded. Lay people see the internet as the answer to a prayer made long ago and now wield it to the terror of the bureaucratic establishment. For years this second camp has suffered in silence, putting up with the lies, distortions and opportunism said and done about the Faith, all the while watching Catholicism fade out of Canadian society whilst under the watch of the liberal dissidents. Now they’ve pretty well had it and effectively say: “Take your social justice and shove it up your ass”. Not because they are “uncharitable”, not because they are right, not because they demand a new guide to steer them through a society increasingly pagan and atheistic. But because the Magisterium is right, the Magisterium is the guide for Catholics, to which they refer and defer. How this war will turn out is a hard call. No doubt things are going to get ferocious during the interim. The wildcard in this whole situation is the bishops. Not The Star Chamber as a body, but individual bishops with authority, like a Prendergast, who have the courage and faith to opt out and do something decisive. My personal opinion is that most of Canada’s sheppards have been de-balled by Political Correctness, so I don’t expect much. I would love to be proven wrong on this issue.

Enough said… Go Canada!

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